In April 2017, Highway Highlights named the 25 most beautiful churches in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area. Admittedly, this was a highly subjective list, and there are many beautiful churches in the Twin Cities area that didn’t make the list.

At the top of the list is the Cathedral of St. Paul. Highway Highlights called it “possibly [the] most beautiful building in all of Minnesota.” The Roman Catholic cathedral on a hill, built in 1904, is America’s third-largest complete church building. Its 24 stained glass windows include a rose window, and a copper dome covers the top.

Second on the list is Freeport’s Church of the Sacred Heart, which the article describes as having the most ornate interior of the temples on the list. Also a Roman Catholic church, this 1905 brick building was designed to meet the needs of the German-American Catholic community after their earlier church was destroyed by lightning and fire. The German influence on the architecture is strong, as the building would not look out of place in the Alps.

Third is Minneapolis’ Basilica of St. Mary, the oldest basilica built in the United States. The building occupies an entire block on Hennepin Avenue. Like the first two churches on Highway Highlights’ list, the Basilica is a Roman Catholic church. The architecture incorporates Baroque and Classical elements, the walls are built of granite, and the altar is made of marble.

Another of the Twin Cities’ beautiful churches is Mighty Fortress Church, located on Zane Avenue in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Services are held inside the Excell Academy for Higher Learning, across from Fair Oaks Elementary. The building may not be the most elaborate or ornate, but it’s a safe, welcoming space for Christians to encounter the Word of God through the Bible and develop their personal relationships with Jesus Christ.

Bishop Thomas Williams welcomes anyone and everyone to attend services at the Mighty Fortress Church, and all are welcomed to “come as you are.” The Bishop doesn’t believe that formalities and meaningless repetition of ceremonies should stand in the way of a community and its relationship with the Creator. Instead, the focus is on a practical approach to everyday Christian living.

Worshipers of all ages, colors, races, and cultures are welcomed at the Mighty Fortress Church. Bishop Williams believes coming to church should be an enjoyable experience in which every member can contribute for every member to get the most out of their visit. Visit the Might Fortress Church website for information about services.

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