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Researchers have been making good progress on delaying aging in mice and other animal subjects. However, regulatory authorities such as the FDA have so far forbidden human trials, and it could be decades before human trials are deemed safe.

However, Elysium Health, one of the leading companies in this front, is introducing supplements that are aimed at trying to tackle this issue.

Nutraceuticals the Way to Go

Nutraceuticals are ordinary drugs that don’t necessarily need the FDA’s regulation or approval – they are drugs like vitamin supplements. They are easily available over-the-counter, but they are not as sophisticated as what Elysium Health proposes.

Elysium Health plans on introducing a nutraceutical that it has named Basis. The pill is designed to mimic the effects of the compound NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide). NAD is known to contain some properties that mimic the effects of eating food that has extremely low caloric content.

Basis pills will go for $60 for a bottle and $50 for clients who choose to subscribe to a monthly recurring supply. Additionally, the company will follow up with clients and administer post-marketing surveys and surveys to determine its efficacy.

Why a Dietary Approach?

Although researchers have taken several approaches to trying to find a deterrent for aging, one of the approaches has involved dieting. Researchers have observed that lab mice that are fed on low-calorie diets tend to outlive their counterparts.

To this end, Elysium Health is banking on this approach to bring out the same effects on humans. In fact, the company is marketing its drug, Basis, as a dietary supplement.

Basis pills have not yet been introduced into the market, but the company claims that it is on track to do this. In fact, the company’s founders and investors (most of whom are experiences the effects time has on a body) have already placed orders for when the pill hits drug stores across the U.S. Additionally, the company, as well as its proposed drug, have received outstanding endorsements including from Martin Karplus, a renowned Professor Emeritus teaching at Harvard.

About Elysium Health

Elysium Health is one of the research companies leading in the quest for longer and healthier lives. It comprises of a team of world-renowned researchers including renowned scientists in the fields of physiology and chemistry. The company was founded by Leonard Guarente, a renowned and accomplished MIT biologist.

Elysium Health is currently working on a drug that it hopes will prove that the effects of growing old can be affected by manipulating the body’s metabolism. The proposed supplement, Basis, will be easily available over the counter and affordable for all.

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