It is difficult to find a doctor that shows greater entrepreneurial skills and mastery than Dr. Mark McKenna. He has successfully founded and managed two companies that were able to rake in millions and all this time doing it with just a medical degree.

The Tulane Medical School graduate started his entrepreneurial drive when he was in medical school. Moonlighting in the prison to gain capital for his real estate business. He worked in his father’s clinic for 5 years before he set out to pursue his dream. His real estate business in New Orleans was a success until one fateful night Hurricane Katrina blew his fortunes away in 2005. Dr. Mark McKenna was still to build back his business but a mixture of love, recession and the fact that New Orleans was already ruined was enough to make him move to Atlanta. He did not move penniless but with an account of 800,000 dollars.

Atlanta was a new beginning for Dr. Mark McKenna but his drive was still the same. He set out to start ShapeMed. This was an enterprise that combined his heart and skills. The business offered its clients services like cosmetic treatments, botox injection and nutrition counseling. Shopmed was so successful that Lifetime offered to buy it for 4.4 million dollars. He continued working in the new look company before he quit when other private players came in. However, this was not the end of Dr. Mark. He was a man with a drive.

His new business venture OVME meant to be pronounced ‘of me’. The idea revolves around technology and medicine two things Dr. Mark McKenna is familiar with. The doctor wants to bring together dermatologists and Plastic Surgeon in a bid to make the client feel relaxed and have a great experience in the process.

OVME intends to create an application that will be used to connect the medical practitioners with clients that need their services. The practitioners will make house calls when needed for a fee. Dr. Mark also intends to open high end, luxurious clinics for patients that need aesthetic.

Truly, Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor by skills but an entrepreneur by heart.

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