Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the owner of MB2 Dental. The doctor is a practitioner who aims at promoting relations between other sole-practitioners and corporate dentists in the sector. The action to bring the interactions was a way to enhance the service provided to the patients. The doctor has worked as a sole practitioner as well as in the corporate dentistry. Dr. Chris started the company with the knowledge that MB2 Dental would require crucial support without having to bargain the integrity of the doctor’s profession. He realized that for dental practitioners, specialized assistance with no strings attached was a fundamental requirement. The reason he started the MB2 Dental was to assist other practitioners solely. Currently, the firm is supporting other doctors in more than 70 locations across various states. MB2 Dental has about 533 employees.

MB2 Dental creates a conducive and better working space for dentists. The doctors conduct their research and come up with various treatment methods for the varying conditions experienced by the patients. MB2 creates the network channel where several doctors can work together and find a treatment that is required. The company provides high-quality services to the patients because of the integrated workforce. MB2 clients are loyal due to the services they receive, and this places the firm on top of the competition as they are viewed more credible. The network strategies Dr. Villanueva came up with are new, and they bring more to the table including huge profits. The doctor opened the company to deliver freedom, personal growth, support, and togetherness. Dentists at MB2 Dental usually go to retreats in different regions of the world to have fun as a group. The group activities promote better interactions that lead to healthy relationships to facilitate the business growth.

In a recent interview, the doctor was asked where the whole idea came from, and he said after completing dental school, Chris had two options. The two options were to either work for an extensive group practice or open a private practice. The two ideas were great hence the doctor decided to blend the two sectors into one and MB2 was born. MB2 is a large group of dentists who are autonomous, providing both options in one. The doctor stated that most of his big thoughts come to him at night when the world is quiet providing a perfect space for creativity. Chris implements most of his ideas with the help of brilliant individuals for maximum guidance and support.

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