Doe Deere is a fiesty firebrand (if the fire is purple, perhaps) taking the makeup industry by storm.

Beautiful, enterprising, and eccentric in the best possible way, Doe is the kind of woman who was always destined to run her own companySelf-Made magazine named her one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs last year, and it’s no wonder after her meteoric rise to fame. Her Instagram page is closing in on 400k followers, and fans are going wild for her fun, flashy brand, Lime Crime.

Currently, she has multiple lines of lipsticks: Velvetines, a gorgeous selection of smooth, velvety (as one would gather, based on the name) mattes; Perlees, which is still matte, but more deliciously bright, saturated, and burlesque; and the ultra-shiny, beloved Unicorn lipsticks.

Lime Crime doesn’t just stop at lipsticks, though. Doe is channeling (but also releasing higher quality products than) other leading makeup brands that recently started capitalizing on the chromatic/foil/holographic eyeshadow trend. People have really been loving these super stark and colorful chrome colors on their lids, but often there’s a problem of fallout and smearing when the makeup isn’t as well-made.

That just goes to show, the best makeup companies are the ones that specialize in just a few areas so that they can concentrate on research and production of durable, long-wear solutions.

For Doe, this means that she currently only has a range of matte lipsticks and her foil eyeshadow line Superfoils. These eyeshadows come in lovely color pairs separated down the middle — you’ll love Squad/Goals, Gilded Carriage/Glass Slipper, and Lawn/Flamingo (which is a gorgeously melon-like combo of green and pink!). She also has a few electric neon liquid eyeliners that are perfect for anyone wanting to add excitement and intrigue to their makeup collection.

Yes, Doe may be wild and crazy, but that’s no reason to take this maven less seriously. There’s a genius in and a science to her entrepreneurship. She built Lime Crime from the ground up; it was an eBay store back in 2005, and she used mainly Internet and social media advertising over the years to turn it into a budding business. But, why the name “Lime Crime”? According to Doe’s interview with Galore magazine, “Today, the name stands for color revolution, breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines!”

And, again, that’s exactly what Doe stands for: being oneself in a world that is often less than accepting of those who dare to stand out. In this same interview, Doe discusses some of the hate she’s received on social media, which is the price paid for a business that is so engaged with the public and lots of different platforms (400k Instagram followers, remember!).

Doe simply says, she’s way happier about the supporters than upset about her detractors. While we find it hard to imagine this magical makeup-smith having any haters, we’re glad she isn’t fazed by them.

While Doe’s makeup focuses on the fabulous — from lipsticks she describes as “Heavy Metal” to the glitzy and glossy fluorescence of her eyeliners — Doe herself is down-to-earth and focused on her fans.


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