Betsy DeVos is a renowned businesswoman and politician for the Republican party. She was an advocate for Detroit Charter Schools in Michigan. She’s donated $150,000 to Academy Charter Schools from the Philanthropic Foundation started by her and her husband, Richard DeVos, in 1989. They have also approved another $150,000 for future payments.


Among other efforts to enhance charter schools, Betsy DeVos is optimistic about the growth of students in private choice programs that are funded by the public. 250,000 students are in these programs in 17 states. Within one year, Lousiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Hampshire, and Mississippi have had students of educational choice programs grow by 40,000. In 2012, Ohio, Lousiana, Pennslyvania, Florida, and Arizona have expanded their programs.


When starting to support the students and parents of the Potter School helped her foundation grow to support a larger group of students and families with a low income. Mr. DeVos was elected to the State Board of Education in Michigan in 1990. During this time, Betsy DeVos was committed to helping parents that didn’t have the necessary means to allow their children to attend a charter school. As a mother herself, she understood the need for parents to send their children to a great school. This is when The DeVos Foundation began a scholarship program. This is a program where students can receive a scholarship based on low-income families and parents can choose where to send their children.


Flordia has a tax credit scholarship that supports nearly 50,000 students. Their families have enjoyed the fact that they were able to pick the educational choice they wanted for their children. Louisana and Indiana are capable of serving nearly one million students every year. Although not all students may take advantage of the program, it’s an educational choice to adopt at a higher level.


Children today are more tech savvy. They are able to navigate through a tablet or computer by age two. Parents understand that their children are ready for digital learning. There are more educational avenues that need to be explored so children can have fun learning instead of being lectured. Homeschooling is available to parents who want to have a say in what is taught to their child. Many more parents are trying this method. It’s never too late for parents to educate themselves in order to teach their children at home.


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