When the average person hears ‘ROC Nation’ they more than likely will immediately think of superstars like Jay-Z, Rihanna, Meek Mill, Big Sean, J.Cole and others. These are just a few stars whose fame and success have reached great heights because of one woman, Desiree Perez.

ROC Nation is one the most significant entertainment production companies throughout the world. Desiree Perez (Dez) is the Chief Operating Officer at ROC Nation. Beginning in 2008, ROC Nation has been working with talented writers, producers, and artist; improving their promotions, brand building, management publishing, labeling, concert and tours promotions, and every little thing in-between. Slowly but surely over the years, Dez Perez is changing the face of the music industry. She has made her mark by guiding some of the worlds biggest most successful stars. Jay-Z and Rihanna are perfect examples of her success and how far she’s willing to push. As one of Jay-Z’s close associates, Dez Perez has been involved with SC Enterprises among other Sean Carter businesses. She helped take the star from the entertainment pyramid and place him on top of his own empire as a businessman.

Desiree has also worked alongside Rihanna, resulting in Rihanna’s top-charted success of her Samsung Tour collaboration worth $25 million. She helped establish the Beyonce Formation stadium and is involved with the Hova Circle of Influence.

As the years go on, Dez continues to guide popstars to the top of their empires. She remains the fierce, strong-willed, tough, negotiator shes always been. With her go-getter confidence when it comes to business opportunities, its safe to say she is one of the first women in the music and entertainment industry to make her mark on history. She is the heart of ROC Nation. It’s safe to state without Desiree Perez, ROC Nation wouldn’t be what it has grown into today.


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