Herbalife Nutrition was started by Mark Hughes in 1980 when he began selling weight management products from the back of his car. Within five years, the company was doing $423 million in annual sales as a direct marketing company, selling a variety of health and weight management products. By the end of its first decade, Herbalife had expanded internationally to Europe, Asia, and Central America, and international sales were brisk.


After Hughes’ untimely death in 2000, Herbalife was sold to private buyers before being taken public again in 2004. Today, the company continues to grow and expand its product offerings. Its products include vitamins, protein shakes, sports hydration and energy supplements.


Herbalife sponsors various athletes. One of these athletes, who needs little introduction, is global soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Juventus in Italy. The megastar began playing soccer as a child in the streets of Portugal. Ronaldo enjoyed team sports as a kid, even before he realized exactly how different he was from the other youth players. As he progressed as a soccer player, Ronaldo began to dream about which team he wanted to join.


As Ronaldo grew into becoming a dynamic player, he began to focus more on proper nutrition. Ronaldo, who is still an elite player at the advanced age of 33, believes that taking care of his body propels him to higher athletic achievement. Ronaldo works as hard between games as he does during games, putting great effort into his recovery and training.


Ronaldo has partnered with Herbalife through a personal endorsement deal. Ronaldo serves as a brand ambassador for the company because he believes in its products. The megastar shares the company’s commitment to fitness and excellence. Ronaldo has partnered with the company to develop a sports nutrition drink to assist with hydration during workouts. He believes in helping athletes achieve their goals through a better understanding of nutrition products. He recently renewed his brand sponsorship for three additional years.



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