Beer drinking has been a favorite thing for many not only in Canada but across the world. The drink has been used for various purposes when including during weddings, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries among others. However, many of the nations restrict beer drinking to people under eighteen years as they are considered under age. As much as beer is mostly used for party purposes some people use it to reduce stress as they say which can also be very addictive and can also cause some medical complications so it is advisable that when taken one should not take in excess.

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In Canada, beer is the most popular alcoholic drink and Canadian’s love it (IMBd). Craft beer is having revitalization in Canada and its demand keeps rising despite the fall of other alcoholic drinks in the country. Despite the fall of beer sale in Canada, a study by BMO Nesbitt Burns showed that the craft beer has been expanding its revenue since 1995 making it the most popular drink among Canadian’s. For a long time, the craft beer was referred to as micro-breweries but the name has changed with some of them including; Quebec’s McAuslan Brewery has been recording sales of more than $20 million annually. Canada has a variety of craft beer which includes; Red Lacer Pale Ale, Pilsner, Imperial I.P.A, Black cat among others.

Among the beer companies that have been leading in the manufacturing, craft beer is Steamworks Craft Breweries. Ever since its inception it has been expanding distributing thousands of liters of craft beer. The firm could not do better without the leadership of Eli Gershkovitch who the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Eli can well be described as brewer on a mission. He began his career as a pilot and he wanted to pursue what he loved most beer production which he began in 1995.

Eli Gershkovitch is a go getter who does not let an opportunity slip out of his hand before making good use of it. This character has helped to set him apart from other beer producers in the country. He found out that Canada did not have a quality crafted beer and he took the opportunity to feel the gap by establishing a beer company ( Eli Gershkovitch strongly trusts that one has to go extra miles to meet the demands of the people and give them what they want. Eli Gershkovitch is devoted and very hard working something that has helped him succeed in the alcohol industry.


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