Cotemar is a Mexican oil services company that was founded in 1979 in Carmen, Mexico. The company has experienced a great deal of success and is considered the largest oil services company in the country. Cotemar offers services in 3 different areas. They offer services that provide modernization of client installations through assembly and prefabrication. They provide marine support through their extensive fleet of support ships. The vessels provide transportation of supplies, structures and personnel. They also provide towing and firefighting services. Cotemar also provides food and lodging services which includes food preparation and housekeeping.

The success of Cotemar can be found in the company’s values. Their 3 critical values are dependability, client satisfaction and trustworthiness. In addition, Cotemar is known for treating their employees very well. Their business is committed to ethics which encourage environmental awareness, building communities and offering their employees a safe environment to work in.

Cotemar’s customers have been able to depend on them by having a long record of satisfying the needs of the energy sector. They have been able to accomplish this by being nimble and attentive to customer needs. Cotemar has been able to efficiently diversify their services by adopting cutting-edge technologies as the need arises. They have provided the energy industry state of the art accommodation rigs that are essential for employee moral. They also have offered semi-submersible specialized cranes which give rigs more options when conducting operations. Cotemar has been able to accomplish this by having the most highly trained employees.

Cotemar has provided their employees a safe and pleasant work environment. The employees are highly trained on work and safety that ensures there are minimal accidents. Employees have commended the company for providing them excellent food and lodging. Cotemar provides its employees quality healthcare benefits which prevents absenteeism and gives the employee a feeling of security. The company also creates a sense of community by providing employees facilities for sporting events and entertainment.

Cotemar is committed to taking care of the environment. They have a strong record in meeting environmental bylaws. They have accomplished this by implementing practices that lessen negative ecological impact. They also ensure only eco-friendly techniques are utilized during the petroleum production process.

Having strong ethical standards has been instrumental in Cotemar’s success. Their commitment to employee development has been critical to meeting their customer’s needs. Their insistence on using the latest technology has made them capable of taking on new challenges and being sustainable. Im sure they will become a global player in the energy sector.


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