The Copa Star provides a unique experience for hospital care. Its architecture, décor, location, and qualified staff members are comparable to what a person would find at a five-star hotel. This is the ideal hospital setting for patients looking for the very best in hospital care, medical services, and access to health care professionals at the top of their game.

The World Is Taking Notice

The Copa Star reveals to the world that hospitalized care no longer has to be dreary and void of vitality. The Rede D’Or São Luiz unit offers the very latest in medical technology. Patients in the hospital’s intensive care unit receive round-the-clock care and monitoring through state-of-the art equipment. Doctors and nurses can view a patient’s medical scan during surgery in operating rooms that incorporate magnetic resonance imaging. Such technology allows surgeons to send their images around the world for expert medical opinions that affect the outcome of critical surgeries. Surgeons can receive medical knowledge, instructions, and expert opinions in real time.

Advanced Architectural Design

The Copa Star can also boast architectural design that focuses on each patient’s comfort. Roderigo Sambaguy, the hospital’s architect, designed in such a way as to elevate patient care to an entirely new level. Sambaguy also designed the hospital to be energy efficient. The hospital incorporates efficiency measures that lower energy consumption by as much as 50 percent. Crystalline technology enhances and extends the life of the hospital’s concrete structure. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

Patients Enjoy a Luxury Environment

The hospital’s dining facility is modern and posh. Celebrated chefs prepare fine meals, and patients benefit from a healthy cuisine. The hospital’s video system broadcasts nearby ocean scenery, which is quite soothing and encourages contemplation and relaxation.

Copa Star is setting standards that other hospitals around the world can follow. The hospital’s amenities, along with superb medical care, help patients toward a speedy recovery. Families enjoy a special connection with their treatment team. As such, the hospital places emphasis on patients and their loved ones. The patient’s emotional and mental needs are met within a responsive hospital setting. Optimum patient recovery is the goal. Visit their profile page on Facebook.

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