Recently did an article about Doe Deere. Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics. Doe Deere is an individual that was born in Russia, and later she immigrated to the United States; she was determined that she was going to make something of herself. Deere has many dreams that she wanted to […]

Doe Deere is a fiesty firebrand (if the fire is purple, perhaps) taking the makeup industry by storm. Beautiful, enterprising, and eccentric in the best possible way, Doe is the kind of woman who was always destined to run her own company.¬†Self-Made¬†magazine named her one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs last year, and it’s […]

Behind every good man is a good woman is something I’ve always heard. I never really believed but there may actually be some validity to this statement. If there was no woman there would be no man so essentially it is a woman who makes things possible. I think this partially explains why I am […]