Oncotarget is a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal. It is free, and any person can gain access to it. In its inception, it sought to address the medical point of oncology. However, today, the journal has widened its scope to several medical fields. Oncotarget was established in 2011. It is published by Impact Journals. All breakthroughs, research, and findings must go through the editors in chiefs, Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov. The two editors are scientists from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Over the years, Oncotarget popularity has been increasing. The popularity can be attributed to the insightful, constructive multi-peer reviews. Usually, the reviews help the researchers and authors to enhance the impact of their research.

The Journal publishes weekly, but an issue can be printed in case of demand. According to the founders, the journals aims at making scientific results and findings readily available to the public. It also ensures that the results are released as fast as possible. The journal also envisions a situation where all specialties would be linked. Connecting all biomedical specialties would foster the use of clinical science in the fight and eradication of diseases. The journal is headed by prominent scientists and helps in the contribution of progressiveness in the medical field. It is the ultimate goal of the leaders to eradicate all diseases.

The success of the journal has enabled Oncotarget to move beyond Oncology. Today, it has adopted several disciplines including Gerotarget, a medical field aimed at understanding the aging process. Additionally, it has also focused on immunology, autopathy, cell disease, and pathology. Oncotarget ranks as number 1 on total documents among all journals publishing the oncology papers. The ranking took place in 2015. Oncotarget also accepts papers and research mistakenly rejected by other leading journals. However, the paper must be submitted together with the peer reviews done while in the other journal. It also must be accompanied by a rebuttal letter. Four of Oncotarget members have won the Breakthrough Prize, the highest prize ever.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist. He has devoted his life to the research of cancer-suppressing therapies. He is also a professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute based in New York. Visit ResearchGate.Net to know more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is an author of hyper-function theory of aging as well as anti-cancer approaches know as chemotherapeutic engineering and cell cyclotherapy. Check Mikhail’s profile in LinkedIn


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