Life can get pretty daunting at times, sure if we’re lucky we make plans, crush through goals and everything goes exactly as expected right? Well the truth is, life has a way of getting us down and while it’s normal to experience emotional setbacks it’s important to learn how to overcome them. One way is to practice resilience and realize that life is change and hard times don’t last. Being resilient doesn’t mean we have to tough it out and go at it alone, quite the opposite actually, it means knowing when to stop and ask for help.

Practicing good mental hygiene also means being able to reflect on our behaviors. Are you always looking for situations to excite or stimulate you? If so, you may have a sensation seeking trait which, if left unchecked, can greatly affect our lives and how we build routine.

What happens when you don’t have to sacrifice mental health for convenience? It means having perspective at the palm of your hands which is huge at the pace were moving in today. Between work and social media most of us tend to forget about self-care, but not with Talkspace. It’s nice to know that access to mental health tools can be just as convenient at as getting a ride, right on your phone.

Talkspace connects you with a therapist right from your phone. Once connected on the app you’ll go through a few intake questions to understand where your pain points lie and match you with the therapist that best meets your needs. Once matched with your counselor you get to chat your problems away at a time and place of your choosing. This definitely beats weekly meetings in a stuffy office and it’s available at a much more affordable cost.

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