Anthony Petrello is a very famous name in the American business world and has been respected for his great, managerial skills. He is also famous for being the top paid CEO in America because of his great and awesome managerial skills. He happens to be the chairman and the CEO of the famous Nabors Industries Ltd. The company happens to be the world’s biggest oil and gas drilling company and have its operations based in South and East Asia, United States and also Africa. They have been able to retain the top most position in the industry. The great CEO has also been on the frontline ensuring that they work round the clock for company’s success.

Anthony Petrello was born in the year 1955 from Newark which was a neighborhood of a famous working-class community, New Jersey. He was from a very humble background and thus the reason they lived in Newark. Newark people lived with humility and used to live with a lot of love and honesty. He also did not have the privilege to attend the best private schools with leading tutors in the world. Anthony Petrello worked hard to ensure that he rescues his family from poverty and is believed to have been burning midnight oil all with a mission of making it in life. He was never tired of being the leader in the industry. While still in high school, he used to receive so many awards because of his ability to solve certain mathematical problems. He was a mathematics genius.

Anthony was noted by the famous University of Yale and was offered a scholarship to study a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. At the University, he met a great professor of mathematics, Lang whom they used to solve complex mathematical theories that nobody else could have solved. He later went on after graduating and pursued a master’s degree in mathematics.

After Tony graduated with masters, he surprised so many people including his mentors and professors when he abandoned his mathematics career and decided to join Harvard School of law. At the University, he pursued a bachelor’s degree. He later went on to work with one of the largest law firms in America, McKenzie, and Baker law firm. At the company, he specialized in business law and specifically the taxes. He was promoted to work as the managing partner of the New York branch whereby he met the directors of Nabors Industries Ltd.

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