There is quite a lot of philanthropy happening in Texas, and Anthony Petrello has been a large part of helping the medical industry in the state. Large hospitals and medical centers have been built in the state with money he has helped raise, and this article explains how Anthony is part of a growing crowd that wishes to help everyone with medical needs in the state. Anthony has a personal connection to his work, and it helps him become a better donor for the industry.

#1: Why Is Anthony Invested In Medical Fundraising?

Anthony Petrello has a daughter with special needs, and she needs many more services to have a normal life. He is attempting to bring as much money to the hospitals in the area that serve kids like his daughter. He knows that each of these kids will have a better life if they are allowed a moment’s peace from their conditions.

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#2: Encouraging Others To Donate

Anthony Petrello has influence through his his position at Nabors Industries, and he works with other executives who wish to give to a good cause. Anthony Petrello using his CEO position in Nabors, influence wants to see as many people as possible giving to each new charity, and he knows they will give in a place that makes it easier for kids to receive the treatment they need. Each child using services paid for by large donors has a better chance of living, and they will feel welcome in a place like this.

#3: How Are Fundraisers Held?

Anthony Petrello has been involved in a number of fundraisers as they all offer him the chance to interact with the medical community he supports. He knows that someone who is inclined to give must have an experience they will not soon forget, and they come back at the end of the year offering more to donate to each need.

Someone like Anthony Petrello often makes hospitals and medical centers possible. He gives the medical industry hope when it is trying to raise funds for new facilities, and his personal connection to medical treatment ensures he will continue to give back as much as he possibly can.


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