Anthony Petrello is the current President and the CEO of Nabors Industries Limited. Most of the people refer to him as Tony. Nabors Industries is one of the most significant gas drilling companies and oil drilling companies in the world. The Industry began in the year 1968. The Industry is in Hamilton, Bermuda. Anthony is widely known for participating in charitable organizations. He gives his help to the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Tony is part of the Board of Trustees for hospital of Texas Children. He wants to do whatever he can to help children who are suffering from various types of neurological conditions. Tony lives in Houston together with his wife.

Anthony Petrello studied at Harvard University which is in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he attained a Juris Doctor degree. He also studied at Ivy League School, Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut where he achieved BS and Baker MS degrees. Anthony began professional career in the early seventies. He got his first job at Baker McKenzie which is a known law firm. Tony worked at the New York branch from 1986 to 1991. After he left his work at McKenzie’s law firm, Tony got a job at Nabors Industries as the Chief Operating Officer. In the year 1992, Tony was promoted to be the industries, President. Due to Tony’s hard work and intelligence, he is in close contact with Media on Demand, Nabors Blue Sky and much more. Tony’s kind nature enables him to help and offer assistance to the communities that are around him.

Before Anthony Petrello became the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, he had worked in various positions. He worked as: the deputy chairman, the chief operating officer, the chairman of the board and the executive committee. As the current Chief Executive Officer, Tony does his best to ensure that the Nabors Industry stands out in the midst of competition. He gives guidance on the planning of strategies. The contract that Tony has signed with Nabors Industries gives him the privilege of earning 80 percent of his income from the company’s revenue.

Anthony Petrello philanthropic efforts have been great. His initiative to support the Neurological Center is an act that shows his humanitarian side as well as a commitment to giving back to the society. Anthony hopes that a cure will finally be found and the suffering of children living with such disorders will be taken away.

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