In the meat processing industry, the OSI Group is a force to be reckoned with. The company has a reputation of 108 years in retailing processed meat food across the globe. According to a recent report by the Forbes Magazine, the OSI Group currently has an employee base of over 20,000 people. Notable people driving the company include chief executive Sheldon Lavin who is also the owner. Another notable figure in the OSI Group is David McDonald who is the president of the company. These two gentlemen have been with the company for over 30 years now. Finally, another notable figure with the company is Nicole Johnson who happens to the senior vice president of company.

The company owes its existence to a German immigrant who settled in Oak Park, Illinois in the year 1909. The founder of the OSI Group was a man named as Otto Kolschowsky, and this is the reason why the OSI Group used to be referred to as Otto and Sons in the beginning. The company began as a wholesale meat trading company and got the attention of McDonald’s in the early 1950s. The McDonalds requested the OSI Group to be their meat supplier. The OSI Group was overwhelmed with the supply to McDonald’s to the extent that supplying meat to the company became their only task. The company acquired by Sheldon Lavin in the 1970s when he used to work as a banker for the family owned business.

Today, the OSI Group is recognized as a global entity supplying products to 17 countries across the globe. This means that outside the United States, the OSI Group has plants in Germany, Brazil, Netherlands, Japan, China and the United Kingdom. Notable plants in the United States can be found in Riverside, California, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin as well as Oakland, Iowa. The company also has plants in West Jordan Utah and West Chicago in Illinois. Some of its notable products are dough products, vegetable products as well as poultry products and pork products. The company is also known to specialize in Pizza, hot dogs, bacon and meat patties.

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