Founded in 2002, Amicus Therapeutics is a global dealing biotechnology company that first went public in 2007 with FOLD; it’s trading symbol under NASDAQ. It is based in Cranbury, New Jersey, USA (Twitter). Amicus Therapeutics efforts in the industry have seen them come up with successful products like the leading Migasalat.


The company deals with rare diseases by developing therapies; technologies and medicines, tailored towards helping people with specific diseases like the genetic connective disease, Fabry and Pompe diseases, as well as the Epidermolysis Bullosa.


Apart from Migasalat, which was approved by EMA and awaiting approval by the FDA, they have another product referred to as SD-01, which is a therapy solution for Epidermolysis Bullosa and connective genetic skin disorder. For Pompe Disease, the ATB200/AT221 is their treatment program and is believed by Amicus Therapeutics to boost the company tremendously into becoming a leading rare disease provider. Many of the products offered by Amicus Therapeutics seek to satisfy enzyme replacement therapies (ERTs).


Protein mutation is something that the company takes advantage of as it is their primary target in the production of their products. It has an extensive team of workers, which includes scientists all who are dedicated to providing the best service ever in the treatment of genetic diseases. Their belief is that dedication, passion and the motivation for curing rare diseases, together with biotechnology, is what drives success.


Through their commitment and initiatives, Amicus Therapeutics continuously seek better therapies and impart comprehensive information about the rare diseases to the victims, and listening to their woes before the beginning of the treatment ( This has been facilitated by the Amicus Therapeutics collaboration with all those involved in the healing process including health practitioners, organizations, nurses and patients themselves in particular. Support and utmost care to people living with rare diseases are what Amicus Therapeutics believes in. It even goes out of hand to organize events that encourage them to get better.


Amicus Therapeutics has made significant achievements over the years even amidst some challenges. Back in 2009, their funding was considerably shaken when the partnership with The Shire ended. However, the setback didn’t hold them back as they have successfully progressed since then, thanks to the partnership with funding organizations like The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Alzheimer.


The Amicus Therapeutics innovations are already attracting a broad market, and its prices are believed to be reasonably affordable should stakeholders find a way to lower the cost.


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