There is a reason that people are shopping online. One thing that is certain about online shopping is that it brings with it a lot of convenience. This type of convenience is an advantage of thrift stores. Luxury brands like The RealReal have found a lot of people that are willing to do business with the company. This is one factor to how they have managed to thrive as a business. Another thing about The RealReal is that they are also aware of what they can get from offline customers. For one thing, there are still customers that are very hesitant about shopping online.

The RealReal is aware of what online customers are faced with. Among the problems that online customers can face is having the wrong sized delivered. Often times, stores might get the orders mixed up and wind up sending the wrong size. Not to mention the wait times and the concerns as to whether one is going to get the item or not. This can be one thing that can get on the nerves of people who shop online. There is also the extra shipping fees that they have to pay which almost make it not worth shopping online.

In response to all of this, The RealReal has decided that they are going to open up some physical locations in order to provide something for customers. This allows customers to experience some of the advantages that come with shopping offline. They get to try on some of the items that they are interested in so that they can get a better idea on how the item will fit them. Then they can buy multiples of this item if they want. The RealReal shows a lot of thought to where the market is going. It is also aware that some of the older ways of shopping are still useful.

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