The Jerusalem Post is one of the newest online portals for Jews around the world. The website was created by Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American businessman, and entrepreneur who manages the Hager Pacific Properties. He is considered as one of the top investors in the country, and he gives back to the community by participating in various philanthropic activities. He and his wife established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, and it served as a testament to their dedication to helping the people. Born in Haifa, Israel, Adam Milstein was trained by his father to become his successor in their family business. He was sent to the university to study business and economics, and after he graduated, he helped his father in managing their family business. His family had to move to the United States later on because of the business opportunities that his father is looking forward to. He studied while living in the United States, and he managed to receive his master’s degree. After he obtained several degrees, he decided to leave his father and search for a job, all by himself. He became a real estate agent, and after earning so much knowledge about the real estate industry, he decided to return to his father and help him once again in managing their business.

Aside from managing the Hager Pacific Properties, Adam Milstein is also active in social media. Adam MIlstein Linkedin has been visited by a lot of people. His most famous website, called The Jerusalem Post, reaches thousands of Israelis around the world. He would be posting a lot of commentaries and blogs on the website, and he is also sharing the charitable acts that he and his wife are doing. He dedicated the website to the people of Israel, and he stated that he would be writing articles that would uplift his countrymen’s spirits. Despite the criticisms that he is receiving, he is firm in his stance that the website he operates would only be for the sole purpose of changing the perception of everyone against the Israeli people. For Adam Milstein, he must inform the public about the people and the state of Israel, and he would have to invalidate all of the accusations that are hurled towards his people and his country. Adam Milstein Linkedin can be accessed online as well, to provide more information about the celebrated businessman.

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