How many of you are familiar with Twenty Three Layers? Well, you might be familiar with it’s founder Jessica Boskoff. Jessica has earned her name and brand as one of the “top go-to people” when it comes to event planning companies in NYC.

Well, Jessica was recently featured in the Stylist Spotlight from The Perfect Palate. She has some really cool ideas about how to make your event sparkle, without going to too much trouble.

Not only does she show off some brilliant new color schemes and themes for an event, but she shows off the detail. Just by looking at the colors, you can tell this has been Jessica’s dream for a very long time. In every inch of blue and yellow that is used, there is that passion.

The editors for this site sat down with Jessica recently to talk with her about, well everything. Below you will find a small excerpt from this conversation.

“So much of my inspiration comes from wedding. When you have the luxury of doing what I do, you get the chance to see a lot of weddings. This is where 80% of my inspiration comes from. There has been a lot of artful approaches to doing a wedding lately, more so then how it used to be. The colorfulness and artfulness is really what gets me up in the morning”.

“I draw inspiration from a great deal of color-lovers. This is who I am. This is who they are. I love it when the work texture into their work. I love the contrasting of things too. When you marry these two things off in the right way, it works like gold. This is who they aspire to be. This is who I also aspire to be. I also love people who aren’t afraid to be bold and interesting with their colors or contrasts. If someone is willing to take a chance with something, this make me love them even more”.

If you would like to read more about Jessica and this feature article, than please click on the link below.