James O’Keefe attempted to infiltrate a certain group that has the funding of George Soros. In his audio call to the Open Society Foundations, he identifies himself as Victor Kesh. His mistake was that he left the line open and he proceeded to reveal to another individual about his plans. He further went on for about 10 minutes discussing in detail what he was planning for the group. He also intimated plans to open a Geraghty’s LinkedIn page in order to facilitate his plans to fully infiltrate the group. In an effort to demonstrate that Open Society Foundations was planning to scam him, he proceeded to forward his voicemail to Chris Stone who is the Foundation’s President.

In response to this allegation on http://www.rawstory.com/2016/05/busted-conservative-prankster-james-okeefe-exposes-his-own-sting-on-george-soros-group/, Chris Stone stated that Watergate burglars were way better than James O’Keefe. He said that they do not even know how to use an internet browser and conduct an effective undercover sting. In a move that seemed to add more salt to the injury, Chris Stone said that the transcript is laughable but maintained that the issues raised are a demonstration of some dirty-tricks that are meant to destroy Open Society Foundations. James O’Keefe who is a conservative activist hinted that Open Society may likely be unable to make use of any technology efficiently.

George Soros was originally from Budapest where he was born in the year 1930. He moved to England in the year 1947 and joined the London School of Economics. After completing his studies at London School of Economics, George Soros started working at a merchant bank in 1954 while still in London before moving to New York in the year 1956 and started working at F.M Mayer. At the start of his career, George Soros gained a wide range of experience in dealing with European stocks working as a European Securities analyst.

Among the companies that George Soros has founded are such as Double Eagle Hedge Fund that ultimately laid the foundation for Soros Fund Management. He has authored and co-authored several books that are used by business men and entrepreneurs. He uses literature to give his opinion on matters investment and politics.

In the year 1979, George Soros founded Open Society Foundations. Through Open Society Foundations, George Soros hoped that he would be able to advocate for the creation of open societies in areas that are under very authoritarian leadership or some of dictatorship.

Open Society has been very instrumental in providing learning opportunities to students across the globe. Its first education initiative was in South Africa where it facilitated the admission and enrollment of black students into Cape Town University. This was a big milestone for it as at that moment there was still the Apartheid rule in South Africa.

Open Society Foundations positive impact has been felt in over one hundred countries as it seeks to promote the virtues of transparency and protection of human rights. In addition to this, Open Society Foundations has endeavored to work with governments to stress the importance of open societies in any country.

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