Unfortunately, the German airline Lufthansa has recently declared on a Linked In post that they will be temporarily stop flying to Venezuela in the coming month. The reason Lufthansa has given for ceasing travel to the country is the South American’ nation’s recent economic troubles. While, the airline says they hope to soon start flying […]

James O’Keefe attempted to infiltrate a certain group that has the funding of George Soros. In his audio call to the Open Society Foundations, he identifies himself as Victor Kesh. His mistake was that he left the line open and he proceeded to reveal to another individual about his plans. He further went on for […]

Andy Wirth, better known as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings was born in July of 1963 in Neubrucke, West Germany. Shortly after graduating, Wirth worked as a backcountry ranger for the Rocky Mountain National Parks and also as a wilderness ranger for San Pedro Parks Wilderness area. Wirth holds a Bachelor of science […]

Nestle Purina is a very well known and reputable manufacturer of both food for people and animals. They have been paying even more attention to the quality of food they produce for animals. One excellent brand of dog food produced by Nestle Purina is Beneful. Beneful is designed to be both nutritious and delicious to […]

To avoid further stagnation within the country, Venezuela’s President has decided to combat the inflation by increasing the minimum wage salary by thirty percent. President Nicolas Maduro announced a twenty-five percent increase on March 1 of this year, so this additional announcement posted on the Latino Show Magazine on April 31 was quite a shock, […]