He passed away in March, in the year 2015, at the age of fifty-two years. He was a respected private equity investor in the country, and he was also respected for his philanthropic actions. Before passing away last year, Stephen, Popularly known as Stephen Murray by his colleges and friends was the president of the […]

Doe Deere is a woman that has taken the world by storm with her Lime Crime cosmetic line. Doe Deere is in a woman that was born in Russia, but she was raised in Manhattan. Doe Deere wants to be able to prove that cosmetics can do more than just cover up an individuals face. […]

Anthony Marsala was announced as this year’s winner of the prestigious Emerging Leaders Award. The chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital made it to the list owing to his expertise and immense accomplishment in the industry. The judges comprised of distinguished business experts. In his speech, Anthony could not hide his joy saying that […]

Beneful has many nutritious and beneficial foods for your dog. Wikipedia.com lists some of the most popular, and with good reason! Weight Management Beneful Dry Dogfood Maintaining a healthy weight for your dog can be a challenge. But Beneful created a dog food that provides great weight management nutrition in a specialized formula for dogs […]

It’s not surprising that the DeVoses are heavy contributors to charity where their massive wealth sprouted from Amway. In 1989, their son, Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have established their own Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to help start community projects. Education Freedom Fund got the biggest share of the grant money; the fund helps needy children […]

Everyone around the world looks towards special holidays. In Venezuela, holidays are going to start coming up on a routine basis that’s what Danilo Diaz Granados thinks. The country is earmarking every Friday as a special holiday. This novel approach is being done to promote an important cause: to save electricity. Electricity is in short […]

FreedomPop is a new mobile carrier that offers plans to its customers a lot cheaper than other major carriers. The story was originally reported by RCR Wireless. In a recent interview with Mobile World Live, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, the international president of FreedomPop discussed with Kavit Majithia on why FreedomPop is a realistic alternative to mobile […]

The New Brunswick Development Corporation was founded in the 1970s as a nonprofit urban real estate development company. DEVCO was a major part of the city’s rise to prominence. DEVCO’s strengths are in building alliances, partnerships, and financing project structures. DEVCO’s approach to redevelopment is built around capitalizing on momentum. Recently according to Press of […]