The Copa Star provides a unique experience for hospital care. Its architecture, décor, location, and qualified staff members are comparable to what a person would find at a five-star hotel. This is the ideal hospital setting for patients looking for the very best in hospital care, medical services, and access to health care professionals at the top of their game.

The World Is Taking Notice

The Copa Star reveals to the world that hospitalized care no longer has to be dreary and void of vitality. The Rede D’Or São Luiz unit offers the very latest in medical technology. Patients in the hospital’s intensive care unit receive round-the-clock care and monitoring through state-of-the art equipment. Doctors and nurses can view a patient’s medical scan during surgery in operating rooms that incorporate magnetic resonance imaging. Such technology allows surgeons to send their images around the world for expert medical opinions that affect the outcome of critical surgeries. Surgeons can receive medical knowledge, instructions, and expert opinions in real time.

Advanced Architectural Design

The Copa Star can also boast architectural design that focuses on each patient’s comfort. Roderigo Sambaguy, the hospital’s architect, designed in such a way as to elevate patient care to an entirely new level. Sambaguy also designed the hospital to be energy efficient. The hospital incorporates efficiency measures that lower energy consumption by as much as 50 percent. Crystalline technology enhances and extends the life of the hospital’s concrete structure. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

Patients Enjoy a Luxury Environment

The hospital’s dining facility is modern and posh. Celebrated chefs prepare fine meals, and patients benefit from a healthy cuisine. The hospital’s video system broadcasts nearby ocean scenery, which is quite soothing and encourages contemplation and relaxation.

Copa Star is setting standards that other hospitals around the world can follow. The hospital’s amenities, along with superb medical care, help patients toward a speedy recovery. Families enjoy a special connection with their treatment team. As such, the hospital places emphasis on patients and their loved ones. The patient’s emotional and mental needs are met within a responsive hospital setting. Optimum patient recovery is the goal. Visit their profile page on Facebook.

According to the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau, Securus Technologies Company has satisfied the set accreditation criteria to receive the highest rating in the land. For this reason, they went on and met the Better Business Bureau with their achievement criterion to get the highest accreditation. For this reason, Securus Technologies Company is one of the most fulfilled businesses in the United States. According to the Better Business Bureau, this accreditation is not there to have the company sold out for better performance. However, the accreditation is a voluntary action where a company comes in and requests to get the accreditation.


Securus Technologies Company satisfied the Better Business Bureau with what they say and printed in the social media. For whatever they say, hey always act and follow it to the latter. This makes this company stand out to become one of the most innovative entities in this business. As a matter of fact, no one has the matching precedent in this business as the company. Securus Technologies Company is a leading provider of criminal justice solutions in the inmate family. In this industry, Securus Technologies Company works to develop technological solutions to foster public safety and the investigations department. Securus Technologies Company has also announced that they have received the A+ rating and highest accreditation by the Better Business Bureau based in Dallas, Texas.


According to Danny De Hoyos of Securus Technologies Company, the company has worked to determine its future in business. For the sake of his accreditation, it came at a point where it had to show the world what it means to do business with the company. For this reason, people work to get better business determined through matters of social concern in this manner. Accreditation is a voluntary action which v decided to take to lift their standards of business and solution delivery to their clients.



After the death of Jim Rothenberg, there was a vacuum in the leadership of the group. However, that did not last for long as the company elected a new chairman; Timothy Armour. Jim was the chairman of the group and Timothy was his deputy. He was the best candidate for the job considering that he worked with Jim and was aware of the operations.

There has been a shift in the management of the company too. Timothy will be working together with Rob Lovelace and Phil De Toledo. The team will oversee the operations of the company and the implementation of the growth strategy. The change in leadership was in motion for the last seven years. In addition to him being the chairman of the group, he is also the equity portfolio manager.

Timothy has 33 years investing experience, and it all began in 1983. Even though he was not involved with investing until later in his career, the experience he gained has helped him succeed. When he joined the Capital Group in 1983, he was an associate. He quickly advanced in ranks and was promoted. At the time he was elected as the chairman of the Capital Group, he was the chairman of the Capital management committee.

Read more: Capital Group Names Armour Chairman to Succeed James Rothenberg

In this position, he managed to make different changes that impacted the success of the company. He supported the in-house research on the long-term benefits of the active fund management. He also influenced the decision to lift the secrecy of the company’s operations and to engage the media.

Tim Armour has served as investment analyst where he was in charge of global communications in the company.

Timothy holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

New partnerships

In 2015, the company formed a strategic partnership with the Samsung Asset Management to help develop asset management products for the Korean market.

The two firms will develop retirement solutions and also asset allocation products. The Capital Group has experience in designing the retirement solutions, and they are expected to offer guidance.

Perspective on the market selloff

The global stocks are facing recession which has affected the economic growth in China. China accounts for 15% of the world’s gross domestic product. Due to the crisis in its economy, China lowered the rates and also the reserve requirements on banks. According to Timothy, this is what triggered the market selloff. He said that if China were to experience a real recession, the global economy would suffer.

Hairstyles define who people are. Short hair, curly hair, thick hair, whatever the hair is what matters the most is how the hair is treated and cared for. With millions of products available it can be overwhelming to determine what to use. There are conditioners, shampoos that maintain vibrancy, and many more product options. The WEN by Chaz Dean hair care line provides a fantastic array of choices.

Longevity is Wen by Chaz Dean

Chaz Dean ( is used to managing high-profile clients in Hollywood. The knowledge gained from treating hair allowed Chaz to create the rejuvenating line known today as WEN. The standard WEN hair care kit comes with a sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner, sweet almond mint re moist intensive hair treatment and sweet almond mint replenishing treatment mist. With these three products users are easily able to wash, condition, and maintain hair. Chaz Dean’s kit makes it easy to stay on top of all of the hair care steps without any hassle.

Hair Needs Just Enough Care

Using WEN during a normal shower is enough to keep hair follicles fresh and rejuvenated. Some people make the common mistake of over-washing hair or using too many products in hair. Over-washing hair can cause a great deal of damage that will need to be repaired, thus sucking someone into a cycle of over-washing hair. Utilizing a shampoo, conditioner, and replenishing treatment mist will keep hair looking fresh and full. Need Wen? order online via the website or

Stay on a Steady Hair Routine

The golden rule to prolonging hair health is to stay on a safe routine treating and nourishing follicles. Staying on a consistent hair schedule will ensure that bad habits are eradicated and hair his kept vibrant and fresh. Shampoo, conditioner, and replenishment treatment mist are a must in order to keep every hair healthy all year round.


Online reputation management is absolutely essential for business success, and there are experts that can help you in this regard.

The reputation of a company is vital to its success in today’s business environment. The trust of the customer or client can have a profound and direct effect on an enterprise’s bottom line. Lately, the importance of online reputation and credibility has become increasingly evident, as many establishments have had to create their responses to dilemmas just to maintain the reputation of their enterprises to the world.

Create your online reputation and utilize trustworthy resources to maintain it. When a potential customer searches online for the name of your enterprise, your firm should be on the first page.

Be responsive when crisis occurs. Lack of a properly-crafted, helpful response might cost you your company. Developing numerous social media information platforms has given customers and clients multiple options to communicate and share their opinions about your firm.

Additionally, social networking sites should also be on there once those sites are developed and developed. Establishing a strong online presence is critical for an organization to develop its brand and maintain its reputation.

Since social media websites are a public platform, the reputation of your company or organization is apparent to numerous clients and customers, and how your organization responds may have a great impact on whether they patronize your business or go elsewhere.

When your enterprise or company is mentioned, monitor conversations so that you will know what it’s all about. Once social media sites are built, you’ll need to use social media management or monitoring tools to help you find out what form of feedback your establishment is receiving.

People like an honest apology when there has been a problem from the company’s end or a strong explanation in order to resolve the matter satisfactorily.

Maintain transparency and track the comments. These actions will certainly convey to your customers or clients that you welcome their feedback, and that you are willing to deal with it to offer them a better experience. Be sure to get expert assistance for best results.


Karl Heideck Can Help Litigate Your Case

Processing Your Legal Case

Karl Heideck is an experienced litigation attorney. Litigation is among the distinguished careers in the field of law. An individual who specializes in litigation is a litigator. Karl Heideck has expertise in litigation and has been serving clients in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania for a long time. Additionally, Karl Heideck has considerable experience in risk management and compliance. He offers high-quality services to the clients because he has great knowledge in the field of law.

Mainly, the litigation process focuses on the lawsuits. Most of the lawyers in this area cover general litigation which includes dealing with all kinds of lawsuits. Karl Heideck acquired his degree in law at Temple University. Additionally, he did Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Literature at Swarthmore University. Therefore, he is diverse in many fields and also fluent in speaking the English language. Due to his experience, Karl Heideck assists his clients in a professional manner by guiding them in the processing of their legal process successfully within a short period. There are numerous benefits of hiring a litigator for your case in the court of law.

One advantage of hiring a litigation attorney is that he assists in the faster processing of the case. Law is complex. It requires an individual with relevant knowledge in the field to present the client in the court. If you hire a highly-trained litigator for your case, he will push all the operations in the court for quick processing. Additionally, the attorney will assist you in gathering ample evidence that will enable you to win the case.

Legal representation is essential in the court of law by a skilled litigator. For instance, if you want compensation after getting injured, the attorney will know how to challenge evidence presented to the court of law by your opponents. A layperson cannot understand how to address the opposing counsel in a professional manner.

Litigators help the clients with essential consultation services. There are terms prohibited in the courts of law. Therefore, to avoid annoying the Judge, you should use respectful and legally authorized words in the court. It will increase the chance of winning the case because the judge will evaluate your behavior and intellect in the judgment process. The attorney also knows how to approach cases and handle all the legal procedures professionally. Therefore, when you have any case in the court, it is advisable to hire a lawyer. Karl Heideck will offer you excellent litigation services.

For more information, connect with Karl Heideck on Facebook.

There is quite a lot of philanthropy happening in Texas, and Anthony Petrello has been a large part of helping the medical industry in the state. Large hospitals and medical centers have been built in the state with money he has helped raise, and this article explains how Anthony is part of a growing crowd that wishes to help everyone with medical needs in the state. Anthony has a personal connection to his work, and it helps him become a better donor for the industry.

#1: Why Is Anthony Invested In Medical Fundraising?

Anthony Petrello has a daughter with special needs, and she needs many more services to have a normal life. He is attempting to bring as much money to the hospitals in the area that serve kids like his daughter. He knows that each of these kids will have a better life if they are allowed a moment’s peace from their conditions.

Click here to connect with Anthony Petrello on LinkedIn.

#2: Encouraging Others To Donate

Anthony Petrello has influence through his his position at Nabors Industries, and he works with other executives who wish to give to a good cause. Anthony Petrello using his CEO position in Nabors, influence wants to see as many people as possible giving to each new charity, and he knows they will give in a place that makes it easier for kids to receive the treatment they need. Each child using services paid for by large donors has a better chance of living, and they will feel welcome in a place like this.

#3: How Are Fundraisers Held?

Anthony Petrello has been involved in a number of fundraisers as they all offer him the chance to interact with the medical community he supports. He knows that someone who is inclined to give must have an experience they will not soon forget, and they come back at the end of the year offering more to donate to each need.

Someone like Anthony Petrello often makes hospitals and medical centers possible. He gives the medical industry hope when it is trying to raise funds for new facilities, and his personal connection to medical treatment ensures he will continue to give back as much as he possibly can.


According to the Forbes Magazine, Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the largest companies serving the mortgage industry with document-processing and research services for property titles and reports. According to the company, nothing gives them much honour than to serve the mortgage industry with the highest sense of timeliness. Because title reports have become a major cause of concern in the recent past, the company has decided to respond to the numerous calls to action to develop a new era of disengagement which works towards the development of mortgage industry platform capabilities. Nationwide Title Clearing has developed a new website which allows people to order for the title reports through their online application form for easy accessibility.


In the recent past, the mortgage industry has suffered malfunction due to the title defects. It is now one of the leading causes of concern in the industry and its markets in the country. For this reason, many people feel like they are the main causes of concern when it comes to the issuance of property titles. While some feel that they are the causes of the wrongful foreclosures, others feel like they are the stumbling blocks for success in real estate business and failure. They also feel that they are the major contributors to the stagnant business which would be seamless if the titles were ordered seamlessly.


According to the company, titles and property records are one of the most important things in the real estate industry. As a matter of fact, they are the key to ensuring there is a reduction of the buyback and foreclosure risks in the country. For this reason, Nationwide Title Clearing has worked hard to stay ahead of the reset in the research and processing of documents concerning the real estate industry in the United States for the finance and mortgage industry


Nationwide Title Clearing has also taken bold steps to ensure that people can now start ordering for the property reports through their online ordering form which is available online. For the company, this is a major milestone to enhance business and is supplements. While there are numerous causes of the invalidity of a property title, the most common cause is when a person lays false claim on a property. This occurs when business is incomplete, and he risk of foreclosure or buyback happens. Therefore, a simple issue such as the wording of an estate document which has no compliance with the area property records affects the availability of a property title.

Learn more:

NTC Study Examines Client Cost Savings


The former NBA franchise ownership group, the Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball LLC, has filed litigation against the New Hampshire Assurance company for failing to compensate them on their agreed policy through their settlement criteria. For the company, they feel that the New Hampshire Insurance Company has failed to take responsibility for the claims. This was a contract which involved the settlement claims which were made by the former management company of AHBE. Danny Ferry is the former managing director of the issued litigation. According to him, this civil lawsuit must be taken seriously by the court to ensure that the New Hampshire Insurance Company should not act under bad insurance faith for many other companies in the future.

The former management group of the Hawks Entertainment and Basketball Company had the inclusion of the former controlling partner Bruce Levenson. Bruce has worked in the company to ensure that they pay their premiums in time to have them covered by the various insurance claims. It was to his shock that the New Hampshire Insurance Company has worked to fail the company during their new course of action. The former management of AHBE is claiming a new order of their compensation in the new employment practices related to certain losses. For the company, there is nothing that affects them more than bad insurance faith. For them, taking into business deals with the insurance company was a way to make their compensation criterion available.

Their insured policy had the inclusion of certain employment-related practices which were not limited to workplace torts and wrongful termination of employment contracts. According to the documents presented in court, AIG was given notice by AHBE in 2015for the claims asserted to be covered by Ferry. There was an undisclosed agreement reached by the two companies over the settlement. This marked the end of their six-year contract scoring more than $18 million in the contract.

For more information, please visit the updated Bruce Levenson Wikipedia page and personal website at

Sweetgreen is a salad chain, established across the country, which focuses on providing healthy food. The foods it makes are both reasonably priced and tasty. What people like about their food is that, unlike other salads, you won’t feel hungry minutes after eating. The chain of stores was started by Nathaniel Ru in association with two of his friends. Currently, there are 40 sites in California and New York.

According to Ru, Sweetgreen has used strategic tactics to ensure that it gets that success it has. For instance, picking site locations is based on demographic analysis. To add to this, the sites have been sequences differently to meet the consumers’ needs. He gives an example of New York, where the first store was based at 28th and Broadway. He states that the decision to put the store there was strategic, as normally, food chains were established on 23rd street. Sweetgreen targets affluent neighborhoods, who would not only visit the stores during lunch only, but also during the weekends.


Where does Sweetgreen get its ingredients?

One of Sweetgreen’s objective is to promote environmental sustainability and cut on food wastage. For this reason, the food chain doesn’t order food directly from farmers, as other food chains do. Instead, Sweetgreen asks farmers what they have in store. This way, all food from the farms are utilized. Furthermore, it gives customers an experience of foods that they aren’t used to.

Ru gives a case example of the broccoli greens that Sweetgreen makes. He states that he obtains the broccoli leaves from Salinas Valley. The farmer there mentioned to him that nobody wanted to eat the greens, because nobody cared to eat them. The farmer, therefore, had no option but to return the leaves to the ground, despite them being healthier than many other kales people take. It is then that the Sweetgreen CEO offered the farmer a deal to supply the veggies.


About Nathaniel Ru

Ru’s entrepreneurial skills are unprecedented. After graduating from Georgetown University with a BS in Finance in 2007, Ru immediately embarked on establishing Sweetgreen. He teamed up with two of those he had graduated together with, and started the fast food that specializes in casual seasonal foods. The first store opened in Georgetown, close to the University. Less than 12 years later, other 27 stores had been opened in 27 locations across the country.

Nathaniel Ru started a music and food festival in 2010. It has grown to become the largest festival in the region. Over 20,000 people attend the event each year. Also included are top chefs, various food trucks, farmers, and local purveyors. The event, dubbed sweetlife, focuses on healthy leaving, community development, and sustainability.