Across seventeen diverse countries there are sixty five OSI Group facilities that produce, manufacture and ship food products to their food business partners. The main office is ran out of Aurora, Illinois. This company’s roots run deep in Illinois. About a century ago, this is where the groundwork began for what would someday launch a huge company that ships a large percentage of the food consumed by earth’s inhabitants. Otto Kolschowsky immigrated to Chicago from Germany. After arriving in America, he needed to establish a way to support his family. So, he opened a meat market. It served the local community of immigrants. It stood as a reminder of the American dream and how people could enhance their lives by living in the United States.

Decades later when the meat market had passed down to a younger generation, the company became Otto & Sons. In 1955, the sons of the founder turned their father’s meat business into the number one supplier of McDonald’s meats. Decades later the company began opening plants and facilities to better meet the needs of their partners demands. In 1978, OSI Group became an overseas company with expansions in Europe. The following years blossomed the company into parts of Latin America.OSI Group was able to expand its successful business, increase many partnerships, add more products and become a huge influencer on the way restaurants and facilities get their food due to the company’s organization and customer service.

The same morals and principles that began OSI Group have taken the company to where it is today. They still deliver a reliable and tasty beef product.OSI Group may have started out with just beef as its most coveted product. But now the company includes poultry and non meat products in their lineup. Their goal is to meet the growing needs of various demographics. Consistency and quality is still apart of their process of creating foods that can last during the process of transportation. Asian expansion is next for the company. They will be delivering their trademark tasty meat and non meat products to a new continent very soon.

William Sato is a Japanese-American businessman who works in the tech industry. Much of his career has been about internet security and keeping systems secure, including the positions he has had within the Japanese Government. He says that the internet quickly became a very important part of many people’s lives. It is pretty easy to not remember that most people began using the internet just 15 years ago although it’s been around in one form or another much longer, 45 years in fact.

The big problem is that it is changing so fast and so much is being added to it that things are being implemented haphazardly. William Sato says this has resulted in gaping holes of security that hackers can pretty easily exploit. Programmers are adding security as just an afterthought rather than the bedrock of new technology. He says that due to this internet security is in terrible shape and it, unfortunately, is just getting worse.

William Sato was named as one of the “100 Most Influential People in Japan” by Nikkei. He started developing programs early in life and sold his software company to Microsoft in 2005. He then moved to Tokyo, Japan, and established another company called InTecur. This is a venture capital and consulting firm that focuses on the tech industry. He has also held several positions in the Japanese government.

He also wrote a book called, “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur” which is available on Amazon for $25.71 in paperback form. William Sato’s book talks about his life growing up, his college years, and his professional life since. He talks about the companies he has created and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

He also covers in this book his time doing consulting work around the world. William Sato has consulted for the Japanese government, the United Kingdom, Russia, and the U.S. Department of Defense’s Counter-Terrorism Unit. The book is said to be a pretty inspiring read, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship and the drive to create new businesses from scratch in the technology industry.

The last century has seen OSI Group leap from one successful tide to another with a few downturns that its management quickly turned into life lessons. Having started off as a family owned corner butcher shop in downtown Chicago, the company has overcome numerous odds to become a global leader in meat distribution. Probed about the success of the brand, industry observers can only tie this success to the level of innovativeness the company adopted in all levels of operation. And it includes:

Adoption of newer technologies

OSI Group’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction saw the demand for its products outstrip their production. Preliminary investigations into the cause of the issue pointed out to the continued use of redundant production technologies as the cause of the supply shortages. In reaction to this, the company invested heavily in state of the art technologies thus revolutionizing every aspect of their operations from factory processes to distribution.

Incorporation of dynamic business strategies

After operating in the meat processing and distribution industry for over seven decades and being one of the oldest industry players, OI Group sought to establish a global foothold. Initially, the company would develop new facilities in different countries, from the ground up. However, this expansionary strategy proved prohibitively expensive and time-consuming.

At this point, innovativeness kicked in and opened the management up to the idea of acquiring existing meat processing firms in these countries. The company has since acquired several successful brands like Turi and Baho foods. Today the company is present in over 17 countries where more than 20,000 employees run their 65 facilities therein.

Visionary leadership

The change of leadership and inclusion of more visionary leaders such as OSI Group CEO and Chairman Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald also played a significant role in its ultimate success. These leader’s experience and influence in the food industry has helped improve the company’s grip on the global market through the institution of numerous marketing strategies that help make the brand a global household name.

Bottom line

The innovative strategies adopted by OSI Group in all its fields of operation including management and technology played a significant role in the sustainability of the brand. They have also ensured that the brand continues to dominate the market, a century after its establishment.

Organo Gold is a coffee, beverage, and wellness provider founded in 2008. The company serves over 45 countries through its website, various independent sellers, as well as local distributors. The company offers top of the line products, sourced from natural ingredients, and offers financial freedom for numerous distributor. Organo Gold also offers something else that other coffee suppliers do not. Its coffee blends contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Organo does not just provide quality coffee, tea, and beverage products. It supplies a healthy coffee that benefits the body in more than taste. Watch this video on Youtube.


Organo Gold has a full list of coffee brands from Café Latte to black coffee. Each of its brands contains full, robust flavors but is packed with healthy additions. Café Latte for instance is Arabica coffee sourced form subtopic locales. It is a blend of espresso style beans and creamer. Café Latte also has organic Ganoderma lucidum which adds immune support benefits and natural antioxidants. The addition of Ganoderma lucidum takes a delicious coffee and gives it a health boost. Consumers on the go get an immunity booster that helps defend their health. Café Latte is not the only brand boasting such a combination. Organo Gold’s black coffee boasts the same thing. Only this time the Ganoderma lucidum is added to the smooth flavor for a medium dark roast. Visit to know more.

The combination of health benefits and tasty coffee is only one aspect of what Organo Gold offers. It also has a whole line of wellness supplements as well, sourced from natural organic products. Organo Gold definitely has a dedication to the health and well-being of its consumers. Through its distribution program it also looks out for their finances. Organo Gold takes advantage of individual distributors as many companies have started to do. Local sources that can build their own business, sell to local baristas, and increase the range of Organo Gold’s premium products.


Herbalife Nutrition was started by Mark Hughes in 1980 when he began selling weight management products from the back of his car. Within five years, the company was doing $423 million in annual sales as a direct marketing company, selling a variety of health and weight management products. By the end of its first decade, Herbalife had expanded internationally to Europe, Asia, and Central America, and international sales were brisk.


After Hughes’ untimely death in 2000, Herbalife was sold to private buyers before being taken public again in 2004. Today, the company continues to grow and expand its product offerings. Its products include vitamins, protein shakes, sports hydration and energy supplements.


Herbalife sponsors various athletes. One of these athletes, who needs little introduction, is global soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Juventus in Italy. The megastar began playing soccer as a child in the streets of Portugal. Ronaldo enjoyed team sports as a kid, even before he realized exactly how different he was from the other youth players. As he progressed as a soccer player, Ronaldo began to dream about which team he wanted to join.


As Ronaldo grew into becoming a dynamic player, he began to focus more on proper nutrition. Ronaldo, who is still an elite player at the advanced age of 33, believes that taking care of his body propels him to higher athletic achievement. Ronaldo works as hard between games as he does during games, putting great effort into his recovery and training.


Ronaldo has partnered with Herbalife through a personal endorsement deal. Ronaldo serves as a brand ambassador for the company because he believes in its products. The megastar shares the company’s commitment to fitness and excellence. Ronaldo has partnered with the company to develop a sports nutrition drink to assist with hydration during workouts. He believes in helping athletes achieve their goals through a better understanding of nutrition products. He recently renewed his brand sponsorship for three additional years.

Southridge Capital LLC enjoys its dominance as one of the most recognized privately owned equity companies across the globe. The firm has had tremendous performances when it comes to positive impact on services offered to its clients since its establishment in 1996. The firm also has a very competent executive team and staff members who have very good communication with its president and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Stephen Hicks. The professional team commands the multitude of clients due to the quality of financial services they offer to the customers.

The company’s dedication and success

Southridge capital LLC has qualified team members who dedicate themselves to customers for quality services and to the success of the business and has had good performances when it comes to market growth. The institution has invested almost 2 billion dollars in the establishments of other companies and has also offered well-grounded and unbeatable services in the financial analysis, optimization of balance sheets, acquisitions, advice on bankruptcy, just to mention a few.

Philanthropy and charities

Southridge capital has a charity organization that understands the significance of volunteering to give free services to the community. With the volunteer and charity services, it has made very effective impacts to the society, which has ripped the whole nation. The CEO of the firm, Mr. Stephen, and his wife Mary Hicks joined hands to start the Daystar Foundation which has given support to the needy by giving them time and resources with aim of improving their livelihoods. With the support of other organizations like Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, and the Ridgefield Foundation Landmark, among others. The institution and its charity foundation, Daystar Foundation have given their support and awareness to less fortunate which has opened their minds in the dedication of their business. For more details visit LinkedIn.

The recent business deal

Recently, Southridge made a very huge investment of 5 million dollars towards elite services Inc., an online company that deals with marketing and gaming. Both firms have settled a stable working condition due to their innovative structure. It is the best company to work with if someone is seeking solutions to address business challenges.




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Originating from a humble background and experiencing childhood growing up in a lodging commission home in Illawarra on the South Coast of NSW, Graeme Holm decided to put all of his efforts toward the sport of football. His dedication to the sport did pay off as he went on to play semi-pro in the Illawarra premier league and represent his country on a national stage while still a teen. At the time he was constantly travelling throughout the European continent for National school teams.

Sadly, Graeme’s dreams of playing football at the highest level began to shrink after he suffered an unfortunate injury. The injury was so severe he stopped playing and began pursuing a career in finance. He rapidly ascended up the ladder in the banking sector due to his competitive nature. He took on the role of Bank Manager at the age of 21.

No matter what banking institution Graeme worked at he would eventually wok his way up to a management position. He specialized in home loans and mortgages throughout his banking career.

Graeme Holm has been a prominent figure in the world of finance for nearly two decades. In the latter half of his career he has switched his focus to showing clients that are homeowners more efficient ways to repay the home loan. With his help clients find budgeting a lot less stressful and functional.

Graeme Holm is the co-founder and current Director of Infinity Group. With Graeme leading the way the company took home the 2018 award for “New office of the year” at the Australian Broking Awards. Infinity group was nominated for multiple awards spanning 5 categories.

Infinity Group Australia has received a substantial amount of praise from clients for its high level of service. And Graeme has played a key role in its current success.

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When your company is in need of a loan, you can always look to Equities First Holdings. According to the French Tribune, Equities First Holdings is doing pretty well. The company is offering those great stock holders the loans that have been needed for a while. If a client has had stocks that have built up a savings for them, Equities First Holdings will use that as collateral. This business has expanded into several countries such as Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, China, and the United Kingdom.

Next, EFH is planning on opening an office in New York and keeping their headquarters in Indiana. The company feels like it is best to expand all over the world and be able to reach out to other business owners who may need a helping hand. In past loan negotiations, business owners have been surprised as to how well Equities First Holdings does with keeping in touch. Those particular companies are proud to note that there is a company like Equities First Holdings around to help keep a business going. Learn More.

For the third time, OSI Food Solutions has been awarded by the British Safety Council the Globe of Honor Award. This prestigious award is given to companies that have excelled in the management of environmental risks, a competition that has strict requirements and is judged by an even stricter panel. OSI was a recipient of this award in 2013 and 2015, a sign that the organization is keen in maintaining its environmental policies.

The Onset of OSI Group

OSI Food Solutions began as a small butcher shop in Chicago owned by a German immigrant Otto Kolchowsky in 1909. It managed to hold its own during the war, and after the war, it flourished due to the economic vacuum that existed. It expanded to the wholesale business and rebranded to Otto & Sons when Kolchowsky’s sons joined the company. Arthur and Harry Kolchowsky got into a non-official partnership with Ray Kroc of McDonalds. This union facilitated the expansion of Otto & Sons thanks to the growth of McDonald restaurants across the country. The company then decided to define its objectives by transiitoning to OSI Industries as it became a national food supplier for McDonalds and also local restaurants and markets within the Chicago area. It also turned its executive tier in 1975, as the Kolchowskys neared retirement by hiring Sheldon Lavin who has propelled the company to international operations.

Company Growth and Expansion

Recently, OSI Food Solutions doubled its chicken production through a 20 million-dollar investment in renovations in Spain. Earlier, it acquired a facility owned by Tyson Foods in Chicago not too far from one of its pre-existing facility. In the same year, it also purchased majority shares in Baho Foods, a Dutch meat processing company. Baho Foods operates in both Netherlands and Germany and has a market that consists of about 18 European countries. This acquisition has increased the reach of OSI across Europe. What is more, through joint ventures, OSI broke into Taiwan and Philippines market in 1987 and 1990 respectively. Eventually, it also established a facility in China.

The Outline

While no one can speak of the future with utmost confidence, it is possible to say that OSI Food Solutions will take over the world if it continues with its positive trend. Its portfolio guarantees it another century of growth and expansion.

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Bumble is effective for an environment of people that are trying to gain other potential business partners. It has become the app that has made it possible for people to do more things with a single social media app.

In the initial stages Bumble was not set to become a money making app. Now it has transitioned into an app that is easily capable of making more than a billion dollars in time. The reason for this is simple. Bumble offers premium dating app features. The app also have opportunities to expand into advertising. There are connections that are being made with sports teams as well. All of these make Bumble more of a multi-dimensional app.

Whitney Wolfe has developed the type of setting that allows people to see how they can improve the relationships in the business world as they transition from dating. These present business opportunities for people that are using the app, and it also presents revenue possibilities for Whitney Wolfe. It is a well-thought-out plan that has been executed with great precision. This is why the Bumble app works as well as it does.

Whitney Wolfe is taking app development to different levels as she reaches for a plethora of new ways to keep Bumble users interested in what she is doing. She has a dating app that has been transformed into an all-around social media app within the last year. In the initial stage of development for Bumble it was a free app that did not produce any revenue because it was going through a trial stage. Whitney Wolfe was trying to find out exactly what would be the thing that would take this app to a new level.

She did her research and paid attention to what people were spending their time on with social media, and she came up with two ways to expand the initial Bumble dating interface. Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe’s Whirlwind Wedding Was a True Celebration of Southern Italy

Whitney Wolfe would find herself in a place where she made her decision to engage in Bumble Bizz to develop better possibilities for building updated options for network contacts. This has proven to be quite effective. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App