Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia metro area based lawyer with over 8 years of experience who specializes in general law. He recently drew from his years of expertise to weigh in on Philadelphia’s new salary law.

On Phillypurge.com, Heideck discussed the new salary law and the legal hurdles it faced. Mayor Jim Kerney signed a new law on Jan 23 of 2017 that prohibits employers from asking about a potential employee’s salary history. Despite how controversial this law has become, Karl Heideck helps explain the purpose of the law and why the judicial system supports it.

The law is designed to help close the wage gap between men and women. It is also designed to help encourage employers to pay their new employees based on what they are worth and what they can afford to pay, rather than by the lowest amount new employees will accept.

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The controversy over the new salary law comes from large corporations like Comcast Communications, who are not based in Philadelphia but are still affected by the new law. The law still applies to them, because they do business in Philly.

Comcast threatened to file a lawsuit on the grounds that the law violated their first amendment rights. The law was challenged by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, but after a short stay on the law, the lawsuit was dismissed. The courts decided that there was little evidence to prove that the new salary law would hurt businesses.

In 2009, Karl Heideck earned his law degree from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University and has been practicing law in the Philadelphia area. In addition to working as a hire counsel attorney since 2015, he also runs a popular law blog. In his blog, he helps ordinary citizens understand different laws and how they are affected by them.

Jason has a degree in finance. He studied at Arizona state university. After completing his tertiary level, he started being a reviewer of some tech goods being offered in the market. This mainly applies to accessories such as phones, TVs, and other related devices. Due to his incredible feeds, he made himself a name in the sector. Apart from gaining popularity in the country, he also had a good number of followers all over the globe. Apart from being one of the best reviewers in the market at the moment, he has also participated in a couple of investments. He has one invested in some of the most promising firms in the areas. This is one of the ways in which the entity has been able to empower other entrepreneurs. Jason is also getting a lot of endorsements from many brands. Most firms in this market would like to get affiliated with him in one way or another. It is one of the channels in which the firms can increase their sales by meeting needs of a bigger market without the need of spending a lot of money to make their advertisements

Jason Hope philanthropic activities are also being enjoyed by a broad range pf persons. He has facilitated some of the major changes in the medical world. Jason is passionate with the provision of better medical utility to people across the globe. Due to that, he is now financing a number of researches being done across the globe. Some firms which are now coming up with anti-ageing medical support are now getting financial support from Jason. In the near future, people will be able to live for a longer span of time compared to now. The availability of this medication will be of great help to a wide range of persons.

He has also been writing a lot of content about the tech segment. The information mainly shows how the sector will unfold in future and also the results that will be realized by the users. The content is now being used by many players in the market to come up with better facilities.

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Jim Tananbaum is the Founder & CEO of Foresite Capital who created the company back in 2011 as a healthcare-dedicated private equity firm specializing in providing emerging healthcare leaders with the tools they need to help increase profitability by supplying capital, networks, and information to them to help them do their jobs better. Prior to founding Foresite Capital, Tananbaum worked with two additional huge biopharmaceutical companies and also two other large companies also invested in healthcare. Tananbaum also cofounded and was the CEO of another successful company Theravance Inc. Tananbaum’s investment experiences included being partners in investing in both Prospect Venture Partners II & III as well as a partnership with Sierra Ventures. Numerous other investments include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, Healtheon, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals to name a few others. Tananbaum believes that innovation is at the heart of providing customers with better health care experiences and the chance to live healthier, happier, and longer lives in the future. There are so many unmet needs in healthcare that entrepreneurs can help meet that it can be a very lucrative business. That’s what inspired Tananbaum to get into healthcare of all industries.Visit Crunchbase to know more.

Jim Tananbaum still calls himself an academic at heart, no matter what field of work he gets into. Tananbaum is a graduate of the Harvard Business School who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tananbaum currently works with insurance companies that provide healthcare services in many different areas including biotechnology, genomics, diagnostics, healthcare services, and medical devices to name a few areas of focus. Tananbaum’s Foresite Capital also runs locations out of New York City and Philadelphia and is the project Tananbaum created after running other $1 billion + companies in the past. Check out LinkedIn Forsite Capital.

Jim Tananbaum is also focusing his effort on the obesity epidemic that has taken over this planet. Over 350 million people globally and that population is growing. Tananbaum’s company also takes on glaucoma which affects over 40 million people and is the leading cause of blindness in the world. They also lead in pharmaceuticals, gene sequencing, and synthetic biology as well as many other cutting-edge field. Tananbaum seeks to expand his company further in the future to continue to help many people as possible through advancing technologies his company offers and to help make people’s lives better and longer. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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Tony Petrello has been in an executive position with Nabors Industries since 1991. It was that year that he was hired on as the company’s chief operations officer, at a time when the company was rocked by turmoil and had just exited from chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Nabors Industries had a long and storied history. As one of the key players in the development of Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay oil reserves, Nabors Industries had major name recognition among Alaska’s citizens. The company had almost single-handedly developed the North Slope of Alaska’s highly lucrative oil fields. This was a boon to the state. Alaska suddenly found itself awash in oil money, leading to many jobs and economic opportunities. The local Inuit populations were perhaps those who were most positively affected. After having lived for decades in grinding poverty and with their traditional way of life largely destroyed, the local Inuit populations were now able to live a decent life and had many economic opportunities that previously were not there.

But things started going badly for the company throughout the ‘70s in the ‘80s. Throughout this era, the company was badly mismanaged, eventually leading to its insolvency in the late ‘80s. In 1988, Nabors Industries entered into chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company’s future was uncertain.

But then Petrello was brought on board. The longtime mergers and acquisitions attorney, who had a successful career with Baker McKenzie was recognized by management as someone who could lead the company into the 21st century, with a strong vision and inspiring leadership.

Petrello implemented a new strategy, focusing on development of high end, innovative technology that would allow for the economical extraction of North America’s hard oil reserves. This turned out to be an incredibly good bet. By the mid 2000s, Nabors Industries had a portfolio of the most cutting-edge directional drilling equipment of any drilling company in the world. Its equipment was almost exclusively used in the Bakken Shale formation as well as in the Alberta tar sands.


Securus Technologies has recently been known to break many barriers of communications for inmates and their visitors. If you visit the website of Securus Technologies, you will be able to read through the details that are available in there for you to be made aware of exactly what the program is and what ifs utilization entails.


Securus Technologies is not a form of communications program that should be confused for any other form of communication, as it is one that is offering convenience for users to the greatest extent. If you would like to learn more about whether you can benefit from it, it’s advisable for you to see the list of correctional facilities that have had it integrated into their systems of communications. You should be able to see whether it’s a program that you’ll be able to take advantage of simply from that very list; however, if you happen to not see it on there, you may be able to convince the correctional facility where you would like to have it installed to see what they may be able to do to go about having it installed into the systems of their communications.


Securus Technologies has been given several positive reviews from those who have already utilized it. It is a system of communications that has received recognition among many people and is being seen as one that many people are even preferring to have installed in the correctional facilities that are near their communities, as it’s helping them to have crimes solved. Law enforcement agencies have access to the chat sessions that are conducted among inmates and visitors who utilize the program. Chat sessions that have content within them that pertain to criminal matters are handed over to courts to decide whether investigations will be taking place.


Wal-mart has all kinds of Beneful dog food products. Why do they have so many? The answer is really quite clear. Dogs love the delicious taste of Beneful’s products made with real ingredients. Not sure what dog food product is right for your dog? Not to worry, the abundance of products Beneful has to offer will help you discern what is right for your dog. Each package will break down the ingredients, recommendations, and volume in which the food is being provided. Each product is appropriately, even competitively priced. For example, a regular bag of Beneful dry dog food is about $14. The price may vary depending on current specials, sales and coupon usage. Coupons are available for print in a variety of places online and can even be found at walmart.com for easy access. Discounts from coupons will also vary as different prints are put out at different times.

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As the world evolves, so does technology. Years back, single people were flocking social dating sites to hook up with potential partners. Over time, the sites have now been phased out by the more reliable and efficient mobile dating apps. There are many dating apps designed specifically to suit a given group of people. One of the most exciting and popular dating app today is the Bumble, an app where only women are allowed to ignite a match with men and not the vice versa. Using the Bumble dating app comes with a series of benefits, some of which are unique to it while others are general benefits.

Benefits of Using Bumble

As a female-centered app, Bubble has given women a platform to take charge of their dating life. Unlike in some other dating apps where women are exposed to sexist comments, Bumble gives women the choice of who to talk and interact with. For this reason, the app has received an overwhelming reception from female users, reaching over one million users within a short period.In Bumble, just like in other dating apps, one can create connections by matching with friends and then with friends to those friends; it’s more like a chain. Before starting a conversation with people on the apps, a user has the privilege of first going through their details and confirming if they fit his/her liking. It is only after liking them that the user initiates a conversation. Therefore, no message can be sent to a user without his consent.

Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe has contributed a lot in the dating industry despite her young age. To this end, she has masterminded two dating apps, Tinder and Bumble. She has been the CEO of Bumble since it was launched in 2014,Whitney was born in Utah and later studied international studies at the Southern Methodist University. She spent many years doing social work in Asia before returning to the United States.


In early April of this year, Kim Dao, her friends Sunnydahye, and Okanotv met up with a guy named Chris Okano for a day at the Japanese Hotsprings. They stopped off for something to eat at a dive bar in a food court. Kim Dao packed an overnight bag, including her lap top, a heat pad, her charger, and a makeup bag.  Kim Dao planned to get some Udon boiled egg, and green onions. Outside the building was a giant robot that Kim Dao told us might be removed. There was Rainbow Bridge and a statue in the park that looked a lot like our Statue of Liberty. Along the street, people rode in Mario Karts. The makers of the video game character Mario, Nintendo, had started a law suit because the people who ran the karts were using the Mario name without permission. You need a valid driver’s license and a group to use the kart. If you come alone, you are out of luck.


Kim Dao and friends took the train to the Onsen. When they got there, the friends rented lockers for their shoes and clothes. They wore long cotton work shirts. Kim Dao was a little embarrassed that her blue and yellow spotted shirt was like Chris’ shirt even though she had some stripes on hers. They went to the outdoor spa that looked a little lake with rocks in it. The friends soaked their feet in the stream before heading for the inner Onset.





It is no secret that decorating plays a huge role in planning your event. Your decorations are going to set the mood for your entire evening, so you want to make sure they are just right for your event. You can choose the decorations for your next event by keeping the following tips from event planners in NYC in mind.


Choose A Theme: It is easier to narrow down your decorations when you choose a theme for your event. One example is a beach inspired birthday or anniversary party. Decorate for the beach party with seashells and sand art, and use a color scheme of white, tan and blue.


Simple Table Settings: It is always fun to decorate for your event, but you want to make sure you do not overwhelm your guests with decorations. One idea is to handwrite the names of each guest on cardstock to create unique place cards. Use vibrant utensils or napkins to add a splash of color to the table. If you are throwing a beach party, you can fill glass vases with sand and seashells to set the mood.


Double-Duty Party Favors: It never hurts to invest in favors that double as table decorations. Use small terra-cotta pots or votive candles as centerpieces during the event, and let your guests take them home after the event. The glass vases with sand and seashells also make great centerpieces and favors for a beach inspired party.


When you need personal or corporate event planners in NYC, it is recommended to hire Twenty Three Layers. The company has years of experience in planning parties, weddings and corporate functions. It is made up of three women who work with you to create the event or party of your dreams.


You can hire Twenty Three Layers for a variety of services, starting with venue selection, catering and custom printing. The company also offers floral design, lighting and photography services, and you can hire the team to find suitable entertainment for your event.


If you need help decorating for your event, consider hiring reliable event planning companies in NYC.

The Brazilian economy has been among the fastest growing economies in the world. As of 2014, 14,569 investment funds accumulated a net worth of over BRL 2,682 trillion. This data was released by the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association (ANBIMA), which is a self-regulatory body of the investment fund industry.
The Brazilian Securities Commission, also known as the CVM, passed Rule 555/14 that came into effect in 2015. This rule was meant to govern the registration, formation, and operation of investment funds in the country.
Both the Open-ended and closed-ended retail funds require being registered by the CVM. The only difference between the two is that in open-ended retail funds, the process is automatically achieved, provided the documents and paperwork are in order, while the close-ended retail funds’ registration is not automatic.
Under the Brazilian legal framework, any public securities offerings are supposed to be registered by the CVM. The whole process must be handled by the placement agents, even if the securities were meant to be traded in other jurisdiction. The Brazilian Depositary Receipts (BDRs) are certificates that represent the securities of a listed company.
According to the legal and regulation framework of Brazil, only placement agents, e.g. financial institutions, securities houses, brokerage firms, and individuals registered with the CVM are allowed to market retail funds, whether open-ended, close-ended, or foreign funds.
According to Rule 555/14, retail funds can be marketed to the general public. However, depending on several aspects of the investment policy, the complexity, level of disclosure, and the risk that the fund carries, restrictions might exist, and the fund might only be allowed to be marketed to professional investors and qualified investors. According to the Brazilian law, professional investors include;
• Financial institutions and other bodies that are authorized by the Brazilian Central Bank
• Pension Funds
• Insurance and Savings Companies
• Investment Funds
• Individuals with a net worth of more than BRL10 million
Qualified investors might include:
• All professional investors
Cassio Audi is a senior financial management executive. Audi has worked as a senior financial manager in a dozen financial organizations in Brazil.
He attended the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo where he graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration. He enrolled at the Universidade de São Paulo where he earned an MBA. He has an impressive 23 years’ experience in asset and financial management.