Paul Mampilly is known all over for his unmatched knowledge and experience in the stock markets. He has worked for big hedge funds and knows what is needed to make it in the financial markets. For many years, there has been a lot of misconceptions in the stock markets. Many people just think of stock markets as a place where you can enter blindly and make money. This is not true. Stock markets are just like any other business. You have to do research and decide on the best stock investment to make. However, this does not happen most of the time. Many people want to ride on the waves that are in the market. Many investors will buy a stock not because they have done their research and found out that it is worth the investment but because they heard from their friends that such and such stocks have good returns. At the end, they all end up in a big problem when the stocks perform badly and lose their investment.

This does not only happen to the stock markets. It also happens in other industries. Right now, there is an ongoing insane purchase of cryptocurrencies. There are currencies many people are investing in without understanding the basic principles which guide the market. Just because they are gaining does not mean one should buy them. You might buy them today and then tomorrow they start crumbling.

Concerning the cryptocurrencies, American investor Paul Mampilly warns investors about making moves that may complicate their financial capacity. It is wrong to invest in the cryptocurrencies when you have no idea about the future or what has brought them to these prices. The lack of any solid reasons to why they are gaining in value is reason enough to stay away from them.

Paul Mampilly explains that the recent increase in the prices is likely to trap many investors who will be looking to make profits from cryptos. He says that very soon we will see the evil behind the cryptos. The increase in prices is not based on anything tangible. He calls them a bubble that will soon burst and will leave many investors in trouble. Paul Mampilly explains that cryptos have every characteristic of a bubble. People are so much emotionally attached to them that they cannot even think straight. They think everyone condemning the cryptos is simply jealous since they did not invest in them.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a distinguished stick investor. He has made a number of accomplishments in his life such as winning the Templeton Foundation award for the best trader.

He frequently appears in business TV channels giving opinions on various topics related to stock markets.

About Paul Mampilly:

It seems like a lot of companies simply do the bare minimum necessary to keep their customers happy enough to purchase from them again. There is not the focus on customer service that once existed with previous generations. However, that is not the case when it comes to Jeunesse Global.

The difference with Jeunesse Global is that they are truly dedicated to changing lives in positive ways and helping to combat the symptoms of aging in the population in general. They can do this by putting out products that combat those irritating signs of aging. Follow Jeunesse Global on Facebook.

Even though the company only got its start in 2009, do not count them out. They have used innovative marketing and sales techniques to help propel their growth immensely in the short amount of time that they have been around. Also, they have set themselves apart from the competition in that they use a distributor network to grow their base of customers even farther. However, it is really the products that speak for themselves.

Take the product called “NV” as an example. This is a skin care product, but it is not just like anything else that you find out in the market. Rather, NV is something that is made from exclusive APT-200, a formula that you can only get with Jeunesse Global. They use this formula to create something that helps hold skin firmer to give it that more youthful look. In so doing, the product helps make the users look and feel younger.

You might also try their Nevo energy drink product. With this one, you get something that will get your heart racing to accomplish the tasks that you need to take care of. At the same time, you will not be consuming the artificial ingredients that so many other energy drink beverages have in them. You see, this is a drink created without any of the artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors that those other drinks have. Watch this video on

It is self evident in the products that Jeunesse puts out that they care about their customers. If that were not the case, they would never have made it as far as they have. With that in mind, their products are absolutely worth a try today. You just might discover that you need them in your life more than you ever realized before.


Signing up for the right life insurance can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to consider several crucial factors, but you also need to evaluate each insurance based on its suitability to your current needs. Before making any sound decision, you might want to consider the following guidelines: Read more about Freedom Life Insurance at Bloomberg.

  • Life insurance should become a necessity if you need coverage for a specified duration. This package provides you with ample time to obtain maximum benefits from the policy. For instance, the presence of young children triggers consideration for payment of college education which can be covered with a 20-year life insurance. Additionally, the insurance can also repay debts within the same specified duration.
  • Life insurance primarily caters for service delivery upon the death of the subscriber within the stipulated duration of policy coverage. In the event you are still alive at the end of the coverage, you must renew coverage a purchase a new one altogether. Unlike its competitors, this package doesn’t require you to incorporate equity through cash savings
  • Permanent life insurance is a must-have for subscribers planning on living a long and healthy life. Irrespective of when you die, the package is mandated to compensate your beneficiaries immediately.
  • By subscribing to a permanent life insurance, you are provided with the unique ability to build on your cash savings on a tax-deferred basis and a reliable source of borrowed finances for several purposes.

Freedom Life Insurance

Freedom life insurance is widely considered to be the best life insurance provider in the U.S and beyond. Unlike its competitors, the company strives at adopting different strategies tailor-made to meet the current needs of customers.

  • Create your plan: Customers are at liberty to adopt flexibility in planning the designs and complying with premium payments. In essence, Freedom Life enforces eleven deductibles and a few coinsurance options that enable you to create a unique freedom health plan at affordable prices.
  • Choose a provider: The insurance company allows clients to select their preferred healthcare service provider.


For a long time, doctors, researchers and the general public have been looking for a reliable medical journal where they can source as well as share knowledge. As a result, many medical journals have been formed to facilitate publishing of important medical information. Oncotarget is one of the journals that has been on the frontline in the publishing of papers in oncology and many other medical related information such as aging, pathology, microbiology and immunology.

Oncotarget has accelerated the dissemination of highly essential scientific information. The journal works closely with researchers and PubMed to get the original papers released so as to publish them immediately after their release. This has been important as many physicians are working hard to get information that can help reduce the suffering that comes with diseases. The medical journal has been helpful to the public as many individuals can read the newly released information on health and medical industry. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

Oncotarget follows ethical guidance strictly so as to avoid problems. They make sure all the papers are original and helpful to the medical industry as a whole. They follow all the rules and regulations that guide publishing and this has made the journal grow significantly. Recently Oncotarget announced that it will be publishing two issues per week and this is a great move as more information will be available weekly. It has become the number one medical journal to submit entire issues days after online publication to PubMed.

This medical journal has been working hard to achieve its goals. Since 2010, they have published 324 issues in just seven volumes. Currently, they are in the eighth volume and they are promising their clients that things will be smoother than before. They have employed highly trained editorial staff who ensure that the journal is delivering best and reliable information that benefit the medical industry. Learn more at

Oncotarget focuses on the impact of new therapeutic agents and management programs on patients’ perspective. This includes the quality of life, satisfaction and adherence. The medical journal also explores to find out the evidence behind existing and new therapies. The journal is led by high profile scientists and it aims to see a life without disease by giving researchers a platform to contribute to the progress of science.


Nearly everyone seeks health insurance services, but not all companies offer services that suit your needs or that of your family. USHEALTH Group family of companies has products for specific medical needs such as accidents and diseases/sicknesses. The services are specified to meet the customers need by being affordable, reliable and flexible. They have innovative products that ensure that clients get the advantage of every dollar that they put in insurance.

Clients get the best from whichever plan they choose, products at all levels get full protection from the company. Some of the famous covers that customers enjoy include term life insurance, income protector, dental and vision plans, critical illnesses, short-term accident disability income, accident and specified disease/sickness. USHEALTH Group is a life insurance company that cares for all classes of people, those with little income and those that may need more advanced health insurance schemes. It has been offering insurance cover for more than 35 years.

USHEALTH Advisors Salary

USHEALTH advisor is part of the great USHEALTH Group that deals with marketing. They target small business people, self-employed entrepreneurs, and their family members. They get their pay based on the commissions that they make over a given period. The fee is calculated on either weekly sales, monthly sales or annual sales.

The USH advisors get real-time support from their representatives through the web. They have a portal that they use to get information that clients need in the field. The same gateway is also used to keep the advisors up to date with what is new in the company. The company works with a group of dedicated salespersons who are tasked with the responsibility of training newcomers. The sales representatives are experienced in sales and are also have in-depth knowledge of health products.

All sales agents are entitled to new bonuses. The bonus that one receives depends on the level that he or she is operating. The reward is increased as one continues to submit sales. USHEALTH Group has build trust with their customers; the Better Business Bureau awarded them with the A+ rating for outstanding performance in health insurance.

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Whitney Wolfe is the dating app mogul that has started to turn a lot of heads. People that may not even been interested in utilizing a dating app are now aware of who Whitney Wolfe is. She has become a high-profile tech mogul because she is connected to a company that now has a billion dollar valuation.

No one would have guessed that Whitney Wolfe would have taking this type of connection when it comes to dating apps, but she appears to have become a leader in the dating app industry. One of the big reasons that she has become a leader has more to do with her strong ability to transition from one area to the next. It is not just dating that she has incorporated into her app. With Bumble it appears that Whitney Wolfe is gravitating towards the networking arena as well. She has even hired executives that know about networking. This allows her to branch into other areas where she can compete with apps like LinkedIn.

Bumble Bizz is the other aspect of Bumble that presents people with this possibility to engage in social networking. Whitney Wolfe is experiencing some groundbreaking innovation when it comes to her app technology because she is willing to go further than the rest. There are few app developers that started with the dating app and transitioned into other areas of social media. This is always risky because people tend to associate one app with one thing. Whitney Wolfe was different. She did not want to let herself get boxed into one area. Whitney Wolfe wanted to have the ability to evolve her company in the way that she chose to. She did not want others to dictate what she was going to do with Bumble. That is why she has become a leader and not a follower in the social app circle.

It is true that Whitney Wolfe has borrowed a couple of elements from other apps in order to gain users, but she has shown that she is someone that knows exactly what she wants. She knew that she did not want to have an app that looked like what everyone else was doing.

Whitney Wolfe is that person that knows how to build an app that people will appreciate. It is evident that she has these skills because she was the co-founder of Tinder before she started Bumble.

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Todd Lubar’s exclusiveness in the real estate sector has been felt for over twenty years now. Throughout his profession, Todd Lubar has helped people realize their dreams of becoming owners of luxurious homes. Besides impacting other peoples’ lives significantly, Todd Lubar works towards enhancing his skills and abilities as the pioneer of TDL Global Ventures. Numerous groups have therefore identified Todd’s capabilities ranking him among the top originators of mortgages in the nation. Not only has Todd Lubar invested in the real estate industry but also in other segments spanning from the banking sector to the entertainment industry. Todd Lubar’s unique attribute has placed him among the most successful entrepreneurs in his respective segment, thus boosting his achievements. His typical day at work is characterized by a busy schedule. According to Mr. Lubar, knowing the market helps him prioritize his activities thus contributing to his organization at work.

Prior to founding his enterprise, Todd Lubar served at Legacy Financial group. While at the Maryland Financial workstation, Todd Lubar worked towards expanding the organization in terms of its size. In 2002, Todd Lubar shifted his real estate focus to a higher level and launched Legendary Properties, LLC. His impact in the field contributed to the rapid progression of selling, buying and profiting of numerous transactions ranging from individual apartments to multiple family units. By diversifying his abilities, Todd Lubar established an opportunity for himself to interact with other executives in the market. As such, Todd Lubar secured relationships with famous banking institutions thus creating credit lines of up to $20 million. Check out Inspirery to see more.

Not only is Todd’s success tied to his exposure but also to his educational background. Todd Lubar attended high school for a decade at Sidwell Friends Institution located in Washington, DC. After successful completion of high school, Todd joined the University of Syracuse where he earned his speech communication B.A. Throughout his lifetime, Todd Lubar has flourished ad lives a meaningful life. At the moment, Mr. Lubar resides in Maryland with his two kids. During his free time, Todd Lubar spends time with his children traveling and enhancing himself towards being a better person. Additionally, Todd works towards adding value to other people.

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Sheldon Lavin is the president of OSI International Food Ltd and the chairman and the CEO of OSI Group, a privately held meat processing company that serves the food service and retail industry. Sheldon career in the meat industry began in 1970 when he made financing arrangement for Otto & Sons, which is the predecessor of OSI Industries. After showing his interest in funding the organization, the bank asked him to take an ownership position at the firm. Although he didn’t buy the idea at first, he later joined the firm on condition that he could have the same support as other members of the firm. This was after the experienced investor had invested heavily in the banking sector and establishing own financial advisory and consulting company.

At the time he joined OSI Group, it was a small McDonald’s centric burger supplier. Today, the firm is a global leader in the supply of meat products. Five years into his investment at Otto & Sons Company, his knowledge, and skills in investment became evident, and as a result, McDonald’s asked him to join the company on full-time terms. At this time, he was already thinking of selling the company’s name overseas. McDonald’s wanted to utilize his unparalleled entrepreneurial and investment skills to reach a huge consumer base.

Sheldon Lavin ideas helped Otto & Sons Company grow fast reaching several regions in North America and Europe in the 1970s. In the 1980s the firm expanded to Taiwan and South America. In the 80s, one of the original partners sold his shares, leaving Sheldon with half of the controlling rights in the company. A few years later, the remaining initial investor retired, and Sheldon gained 100 percent control of the company. When he owned a majority of the shares in the business, Sheldon says that he decided that there was no need for him to stay if he cannot grow the firm further. In that concern, he committed energy to the company.

After taking full control of the company, the accounting and finance graduate expanded the company to China, Philippines, South Africa, Japan, Australia, and India. Today, OSI Group has more than 20,000 employees globally, and it operates 55 facilities in 16 countries. Recently, the shrewd investor led the company to acquire controlling stake in Baho Food, a privately held Dutch company specializing in the processing of meat products.


Sheldon Lavin is actively involved in several philanthropic activities. He is an active funder to charitable organizations such as the Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald Charities, and Evans Scholarship Fund among many others.

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Since the USHEALTH Group first started, they have been doing what they can to provide the necessary insurance to people who are unable to get traditional health insurance from their employers. Many of the people that USHEALTH Group serves are those who work for themselves or who own small businesses. Because the USHEALTH Group is different from other insurance companies, they are confident they have the best plans available at different levels of coverage. They have worked hard to provide these people with the insurance they need no matter their ability to pay for it out of their paychecks. They can even work with small businesses to ensure people are going to get the best coverage as employees of each of the small businesses. The USHEALTH Group hopes to continue their tradition of excellence for many years despite major changes to the health insurance laws in the United States of America.

For small businesses, the USHEALTH Group provides them with the insurance they need as employers. They want to show them they can offer their employees the best health insurance even if they only have a few employees. The USHEALTH Group is actually able to compete with other, larger health insurance companies because they know the right way to create value for all of their customers. They have maintained this level of customer service for the small businesses because they know the struggles that can come from being a small business in an industry that is difficult to deal with.

In addition to the group health insurance plans they have for small businesses, they are also dedicated to helping individuals who are self-employed. They know people who are working for themselves often have enough to deal with and don’t want them to have to focus on how they are going to get the healthcare they need. The coverage they had for individuals became even more popular when the ACA was put into place. More individuals than ever are looking for insurance coverage so they don’t have to worry about the high fines that can come from not having the coverage required by the act.

Even though the ACA worked out for many people, some insurance companies took a hit. The USHEALTH Group was not one of those companies. In fact, they have actually benefitted from the ACA. Since they were in place to help small businesses from the beginning, they were prepared to help each of the small businesses when they came to them looking for coverage. The USHEALTH Group insurance company was prepared for everything they would need to do to give small businesses the ability to give their employees the health coverage that would protect them from illness and injury. Learn more:


Now that Fabletics is competing for one of the top fashion retailer spots on the Internet, it is important that people understand what the brand does differently from other brands. Their difference is what has made them so popular so it is a good idea for people to have an understanding of the differences that have changed them and made them the best they can be. For Fabletics to get to the point where they’re at, they had to be set apart from other companies no matter what they were working on or the type of clothing they had to offer for all their customers.


Something that Fabletics did that was different from other retailers was make sure they were only online. While they now have flagship stores around the world, they started out as a company that was exclusively online. By doing this, they were making themselves something that people could only get in one setting. They have never been sold in other stores and customers must purchase Fabletics clothes directly from the store if they want a chance to wear them and get the best deal. They have made a funnel for themselves that customers are required to go down.


In addition, customers have to take the style quiz. When they take this quiz, they were able to put down all their preferences. Fabletics used this to find clothes that were perfect for the customers. Since the clothes would be perfect, they would only have to show a few of the outfits. Customers who only see a few outfits will have an easier time making a decision and will not turn away from the options they have. Customers will then want to shop. If they purchase clothes that are perfect for them, there will be a lower chance that they won’t return the clothes after they have purchased.


When Fabletics first started, Kate Hudson got in on the deal. She saw what the company was doing and wanted to be a part of it. As a brand ambassador, she is using her position to help people understand more about Fabletics. Even though it is now a household name for many people, Fabletics is still helping others get what they need from the options they have. She wants to show them what they can do to get to the point where she is at with Fabletics and the clothes she has to wear.