Betsy Devos has always been an education reformer. Since her time at Calvin College, she has been involved in the Republican Party and has made an effort to steer legal efforts towards education reform. Much of her platform is about educational choice, but she also stated that putting students first is her main priority.


While she has many critics, Betsy Devos has also proven that she can be a powerful legislator when it comes to education. She doesn’t back down from a fight, and she has taken on interview after interview, despite some questions being ridiculously biased. In her interview with “60 Minutes,” she was asked whether she thought that any of her programs had been successful so far. It was a difficult question, but since she had only been confirmed in February 2017, it was easy to explain that education reform wasn’t a new problem. It would take longer than a year to fix all of the issues.


However, Devos did say that Louisiana and Florida have been more successful because of educational choice,. For one, Florida has the most programs out of any state in the US. These educational choice programs allow students to go to school wherever they want, within reason. Students can apply to go to magnet schools, virtual schools, homeschooling, charter schools, and private schools. While most students can be accepted on their merit, there are students who are also accepted because they are in a failing school zone because of their zip codes.


Students deserve to come first in our education system. It has taken this long to get an answer to the problem of a failing curriculum. Now students are able to go to a school of their choice that will provide them with a better education. Devos says that this is her main goal for all of the United States, but it will take more time before all states are on board. Currently, education is controlled by states.


There have been issues in her fight for educational choice, mostly because of other problems coming up in school safety and student debt relief. With school safety, Devos has had to take a step back and look at schools from the point of security, instead of academic merit. Students must feel safe at school, she stated in her interview with Lesley Stahl.


Since then, there have been many policy changes and updates that went into effect before the 2018-2019 school year. Much of these have to do with security on campus as well as new evacuation routes and drill planning for schools.


During the last two years of her term, it will be important to uphold these new policies but also look for new ways to help students. She has already started by introducing the FSA mobile app, which helps students apply for financial aid.


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Neuroscience has advanced our understanding of the human brain leaps and bounds over the last several decades. This is perhaps the most evident in the new field of mental health called Neurotherapy. Neurocore is a company which has developed a new method to treat various mental disorders without the use of heavy-duty psychotropic medication. Instead, Neurocore uses a combination of Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurofeedback involves the use of a patient’s brainwave activity to determine whether or not to continue playing a movie for the patient. Over the course of 30 sessions, a patient will be hooked into a monitor system that will use the patient’s own brainwave activity in order to determine whether the movie will continue playing or not. As soon as a patient’s brainwave activity exits the therapeutic range the movie will immediately cease to play. As long as the patient maintains their brainwave activity inside of the therapeutic range the movie will continue playing. The goal of this new form of treatment is to enable patients to have greater control over their brains. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this new treatment is that it has allowed many patients to eliminate the need for psychotropic medication. Often times the use of psychotropic medication has serious negative side effects on the patient’s mental health. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The other aspect of this treatment method is the use of Biofeedback. Biofeedback is similar to Neurofeedback in that it uses a patient’s own biology in order to create a feedback mechanism. This feedback mechanism will allow the patient to gain greater control over their biology. The one key difference is that instead of using the patient’s brainwave activity it uses a patient’s heart rate and breathing rate. In combination with Neurofeedback, the goal is to allow a patient to gain greater control over their bodies and ultimately their minds.

Neurocore is available in the states of Michigan and Florida. In these states, they have nine Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. At these Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, they have pioneered the use of this new and exciting form of mental health therapy that they have called Neurotherapy.


Now, more than ever investors are on the search for another way to make their money work for them. Are you looking to become a participant of the blooming private credit sector? You should become aware of Mr. Gareth Henry.

Who is Gareth Henry?

Mr. Henry was born in London, United Kingdom. As a young boy, he had a deep love for mathematics. This was reflected in his scholastic career. In 1997, he attended Heriot-Watt University. He would obtain his Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics in 2001.

Gareth Henry’s Career Path

His first place of employment was with Watson Wyatt where he was an analyst. He would advance to the Global Investment Manager Services department. In 2004, He becomes a member of SEI Investments as a management consultant. He then elevated to the Director of Shroders a year later.

He then relocated to the United State to take the position of managing director for the Fortress Investments Group in 2007. He sits at the helm of International Investor Relations. He would enter into agreements and contracts with companies from all over the globe including the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and various Asian destinations. This position raising capital for:
*Real Estate Investments and Acquisitions
*Private Credit and Equity
*Hedge Funds

He was then granted the position of Global Head of Investor Relations. He also became a partner and the Global Head of Investor for Angelo, Gordon & Co.

Private Credit 101: Understanding The Array Of Income Models Mr. Henry’s wisdom allows him to take your individual situation and create a plan of action that tends to your bottom line. He has a plethora of options at his disposal including:
*Mezzanine Loans
*Senior Debt Funds and Loans
*Capital Appreciation Strategies
*Distressed Credit
*Business Development Companies
*Specialty Finance

The above-mentioned approaches are utilized to adding value to your fund and portfolio. It’s all about creating a plan for your future.

Understanding The Risks
What are the risk factors to take into consideration? Become aware of the following potential risk of getting involved with this sector.
*Style Drift
*Management Capacity
*Legal Jurisdiction

When considering entering into this blooming industry your best weapon is an experienced professional. Gareth Henry has a proven record of delivering for his clients. Your financial future looks brighter with him on your side.

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Jacob Gottlieb was the founder of Visium Asset Management in 2005. Gottlieb earned a medical degree from New York University School of Medicine. He practiced medicine for awhile before switching his profession to finance.

Mr. Gottlieb developed Altium Capital that handles his personal wealth and is the employer of six workers. Gottlieb began Atrium after he liquidated Visium in 2016. Visium was liquidated after a scandal surrounding, portfolio manager, Sanjay Valvani resulted in his suicide. He committed suicide several days after his June 2016 indictment.

Valvani and Gottlieb’s former brother-in-law, Stefan Lumier, were charged with inside trading. Jason Thornell, a one-time junior trader at Visium, taped Jacob Gottlieb doing business. Thorell had been working undercover for the FBI for two years at the time. Jacob Gottlieb has not been accused of any wrong doing in the scandal. When Visium shutdown, Gottlieb returned money to the investors along with an apology. Gottlieb made a public announcement in which he stated that he ran a very high quality firm of honesty and integrity. Gottlieb wanted to start again with Atrium.

Jacob Gottlieb has been investing in stocks and bonds since he was a teenager. Now, 46, Gottlieb hopes to continue in the investment profession for the rest of his life. Atrium Capital makes investment in the healthcare. Mark Gottlieb, Gottlieb’s brother, is the CEO of Atrium. While Visium began winding down in its last two years in business, Jacob Gottlieb began planning his new investment company. Once Visium healthbound business ended, Gottlieb wanted to waste no time jumping into the new company business. With Jacob Gottlieb’s experience in medicine, he believes the time is now for healthcare based hedge funds. The funds will focus on thoughtful methodical research. It makes sense having a healthcare hedge fund off-seting the rising cost of healthcare.

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If you didn’t know, Herbalife is a well-known company whose nutrition products are used all over the world. They have a global reach and a firm goal of making us more healthier and, possibly, a lot happier in our lives. They have recently introduced their new coffee drink destined to give you that protein you need. The Mocha High Protein Ice Coffee is a very low fat, calorie, sugar type of beverage that packs a punch regarding tastes. For those counting calories, this drink mix only has 100. You also will not find any artificial flavoring or extra colors.


It gives you a great protein kick with 15 grams and only 80 mg of caffeine for each drink experience. This drink can be enjoyed by many who are in the process of changing their lives with weight loss or striving to be healthier. Herbalife’s new coffee beverage is offering an alternative to what we all are so used to having. The Mocha High Protein Ice Coffee is certainly refreshing and offers consumers another choice when indulging in the coffee industry. Ibi Montesino who serves as the managing director and senior vice president, for Herbalife, states that the company understands that consumers want less sugar when enjoying their morning or daily coffee. He is very excited about jolting the coffee industry with this new entry into the market.

Mintel reveals that the sales for coffee soared 10 percent during four years from 2013 to 2017. Herbalife conducted a breakfast survey also to discover that within the 8,000 people that participated, 60 percent do enjoy a good cup of joe on a regular basis. Last year, the survey unveiled that more than half of youthful coffee drinkers love ice coffee beverages and have consumed them in the last three months. This calculation has jumped 46 percent since 2017. Herbalife’s High Protein Coffee will have additional flavors as well. Consumers can expect to enjoy 25 grams in each drink along with these basic features:


15 grams of protein

100 calories

2 grams of sugar

80 mg of caffeine

Low Fat

No artificial flavors or added colors


Herbalife has remained on its mission to not only make people happier but keep with their nutrition goals. They maintain their success when it comes to offering products that change lives. Herbalife continues to grow strong since it’s inception in 1980.


Wes Edens is a prominent investment expert. He is the Co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group that is based in New York City. Fortress Investment Group invests in a wide range of different industries. They have invested in various companies such as media, financial firms, real estate industry, healthcare and sporting teams. This company was launched by Wes Edens in 1998. It provides diversified forms of investment management services on an international level. Fortress manages a full range of assets that incorporates the private equity investors’ assets, permanent capital vehicles and hedge funds. The ultimate competencies of the company include capital markets, corporate acquisitions and mergers, sector specified knowledge of companies and various institutions, and asset-based investments. Fortress has made several critical purchases since its establishments. Some of these acquisitions includes casinos, ski resorts, hedge fund companies and private railway firms in Asia and Europe. Fortress was later bought by Softbank in Japan in 2017.

Wes Edens made an agreement with an Egyptian Billionaire, Nassef Sawiris to buy Aston Villa which is an English Premier League Team. This investment was aimed at helping the upcoming struggling soccer teams to rebuild itself and become one of the most successful league team as it used to be. Aston Villa is at Villa Park Birmingham. Apart from Aston Villa team, Wes Eden also owns Milwaukee Buck, the America National Basket team. Wes Edens main objective in his investment in Aston Villa is to bolster and promote the structure of the team and squad. He also wants to help the team manage to get a critical rank in the EPL, English Premier League. He has also invested in Brightline Rail Company which is the only private and passenger operating railroad in the United States. This company operates an intercity train that operates between Miami and Orlando in Florida. Wes Edens is always ambitious of establishing additional passenger trains all over the United States and mostly in the areas whereby the airplane distance is short by train and too long to drive by car. These trains have luxury amenities that include leather seats and wide aisles.

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NewsWatch TV airs on the ION Network and the AMC Network. Production of the series began in March 1990. NewsWatch TV is a reliable source for consumer news relating to travel, health, technology, and entertainment. The show is hosted by Andrew Tropeano. Amanda Fortson, Eric Forrest and Susan Bridges also provide special feature reports.

Since the show has been on air it has featured over 100,000 stories on a variety of topics such as: medical breakthroughs, new product introductions, public policy issues and legal issues to name a few.

NewsWatch TV has attracted many celebrities who came on the show to discuss current issues and causes important to them. Some of the celebrities who have appeared on the show are Will Simith, Denzel Washington, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel.

The website contains many videos on interesting topics for all audiences. One of the videos features a new app for texting called the Vidii keyboard app. Have you ever wanted to add a video to your text with the perfect line from your favorite movie? Sometimes you want to bring out your inner comedian and need just the right scene or moment. Video provides a way to “make it so.”

You start by going to the app store to download the app to your iPhone. The app provides easy to use instructions for how to add videos to your the iMessage. It’s the next step up from using emoji’s. You tap it, pull it up and choose the movie scene that you want to use. Since most people communicate by texting this addition to your keyboard provides a way to add a human touch to your text. Imagine receiving a video in your text that fits the occasion of the conversation? Imagine no more, head to the app store and download the app.

Dallas, Texas, is loaded with state-of-the-art medical centers, and many of these medical centers specialize in cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery generates billions of dollars on an annual basis, and Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is one of the better medical-aesthetic facilities in Dallas. Sameer Jejurikar, a cosmetic surgeon at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, is helping to reinvent the game with his high-quality services. Dr. Sameer has extensive training in the topic at hand. He has earned a medical degree from the University of Michigan School of Medicine, and he has worked at the affluent Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital.

Thanks to his forward-thinking capability, Dr. Jejurikar has brought forth his own skincare line. This skincare line is developed with some of the finest ingredients, and it utilizes medical-grade components. This is state-of-the-art skin science at its finest. Natural ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamin C, peptides, alpha-hydroxy acid and jojoba oil can be found in these formulas. Dr. Jejurikar has spent countless hours perfecting these ingredients in the right dosages. The results of using his skincare line can’t be put into words as it reduces crows feet, eliminates wrinkles and decreases dark circles. In addition to those benefits, Jejurikar’s products do a phenomenal job of getting to the root of the problem, which is located at the cellular level.

This board-certified cosmetic surgeon has been practicing in this field for up to 20 years. In addition to working at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Jejurikar also offer his services at Pine Creek Medical Center and at Dallas Medical Center. At these exclusive locations, he is one of only a few cosmetic surgeons. Dr. Jejurikar also has a high rating with numerous industry-related polls.

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Malcolm CasSelle is currently serving as CIO of OPSkin and President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) which are leaders in the sale of virtual assets in gaming and eSports. WAX was developed to use blockchain technology to make a more secure and centralized arena for trading virtual assets. WAX allows users to tokenize their assets to buy, sell and trade on their platform. This centralizes and streamlines the process of trading virtual goods and eliminates issues with language barriers and payment processing that other platforms run into. This common currency also allows WAX to cut out the need for a middleman to convert currency. WAX also tackles the issue of fraud by using the blockchain smart contracts. This is a secure way to buy and sell virtual goods without the use of a third party which drives up the cost. Malcolm CasSelle believes his platform WAX and the use of cryptocurrency in the gaming world will help drive cryptocurrency to the mainstream.

Malcolm CasSelle holds Computer Science degrees from both MIT and Stanford University. He began his career as co-founder of PCCW a Hong Kong based publicly traded telecom that is now valued at over $35 billion. CasSelle has also been active in leading startups in the digital industry such as Xfire a social network for gamers and MediaPass, one of the leading digital subscription solutions. Prior to working with OPSkins and WAX CasSelle was CTO at tronc and SVP and GM of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l which acquired one of his startup companies Timeline Labs. CasSelle has also been an active investor in companies like Zynga and Facecbook and ventures in big data and blockchain technology. All combined Malcolm CasSelle’s education, extensive experience in a variety of digital industries and his investments in the newest technologies makes him an expert on the industry and where it is headed in the future.

Krishen Iyer is a fascinating guy who also happens to be the founder and chief executive officer of Managed Benefits Services. His company offers online marketing services to dental insurance and health insurance companies, and he has been quite successful doing so. He earned his bachelor’s degree in public administration while studying at San Diego University, and he also studied at Grossmont College. His attention to detail has helped him to become a better marketer, and his clients are the ones who have benefited from this.


Krishen Iyer is the kind of man to help out in his community, and he has been a part of efforts to cleanup local parks and has offered support during times of crisis. He has even sponsored a child who lives overseas and regularly contributed to the relief efforts in Haiti. During his working hours, he prefers to spend as much time as possible interfacing with his clients. While many marketers offer their clients a one-size-fits-all solution, he always focuses on the specific needs of each of his clients.


Krishen Iyer is happy that more and more companies are offering marketing analytics and that they are keeping up with the times. He feels that this has helped him to give his clients exactly what they are looking for. In a recent interview, Krishen Iyer was asked to name a habit of his that makes him a more productive entrepreneur, and he commented that it is his inquisitive nature. Iyer tends to be the kind of person who asks plenty of questions so he can get a better idea of what people are interested in or what it is they need. He is also the kind of person to not dwell or ruminate on the past, and this has helped to continue to propel him forward where he focuses on the here and now.