The former NBA franchise ownership group, the Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball LLC, has filed litigation against the New Hampshire Assurance company for failing to compensate them on their agreed policy through their settlement criteria. For the company, they feel that the New Hampshire Insurance Company has failed to take responsibility for the claims. This was a contract which involved the settlement claims which were made by the former management company of AHBE. Danny Ferry is the former managing director of the issued litigation. According to him, this civil lawsuit must be taken seriously by the court to ensure that the New Hampshire Insurance Company should not act under bad insurance faith for many other companies in the future.

The former management group of the Hawks Entertainment and Basketball Company had the inclusion of the former controlling partner Bruce Levenson. Bruce has worked in the company to ensure that they pay their premiums in time to have them covered by the various insurance claims. It was to his shock that the New Hampshire Insurance Company has worked to fail the company during their new course of action. The former management of AHBE is claiming a new order of their compensation in the new employment practices related to certain losses. For the company, there is nothing that affects them more than bad insurance faith. For them, taking into business deals with the insurance company was a way to make their compensation criterion available.

Their insured policy had the inclusion of certain employment-related practices which were not limited to workplace torts and wrongful termination of employment contracts. According to the documents presented in court, AIG was given notice by AHBE in 2015for the claims asserted to be covered by Ferry. There was an undisclosed agreement reached by the two companies over the settlement. This marked the end of their six-year contract scoring more than $18 million in the contract.

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Sweetgreen is a salad chain, established across the country, which focuses on providing healthy food. The foods it makes are both reasonably priced and tasty. What people like about their food is that, unlike other salads, you won’t feel hungry minutes after eating. The chain of stores was started by Nathaniel Ru in association with two of his friends. Currently, there are 40 sites in California and New York.

According to Ru, Sweetgreen has used strategic tactics to ensure that it gets that success it has. For instance, picking site locations is based on demographic analysis. To add to this, the sites have been sequences differently to meet the consumers’ needs. He gives an example of New York, where the first store was based at 28th and Broadway. He states that the decision to put the store there was strategic, as normally, food chains were established on 23rd street. Sweetgreen targets affluent neighborhoods, who would not only visit the stores during lunch only, but also during the weekends.


Where does Sweetgreen get its ingredients?

One of Sweetgreen’s objective is to promote environmental sustainability and cut on food wastage. For this reason, the food chain doesn’t order food directly from farmers, as other food chains do. Instead, Sweetgreen asks farmers what they have in store. This way, all food from the farms are utilized. Furthermore, it gives customers an experience of foods that they aren’t used to.

Ru gives a case example of the broccoli greens that Sweetgreen makes. He states that he obtains the broccoli leaves from Salinas Valley. The farmer there mentioned to him that nobody wanted to eat the greens, because nobody cared to eat them. The farmer, therefore, had no option but to return the leaves to the ground, despite them being healthier than many other kales people take. It is then that the Sweetgreen CEO offered the farmer a deal to supply the veggies.


About Nathaniel Ru

Ru’s entrepreneurial skills are unprecedented. After graduating from Georgetown University with a BS in Finance in 2007, Ru immediately embarked on establishing Sweetgreen. He teamed up with two of those he had graduated together with, and started the fast food that specializes in casual seasonal foods. The first store opened in Georgetown, close to the University. Less than 12 years later, other 27 stores had been opened in 27 locations across the country.

Nathaniel Ru started a music and food festival in 2010. It has grown to become the largest festival in the region. Over 20,000 people attend the event each year. Also included are top chefs, various food trucks, farmers, and local purveyors. The event, dubbed sweetlife, focuses on healthy leaving, community development, and sustainability.

The name Dick DeVos may not come to mind immediately when discussing affluent businessmen or politicians, yet he’s connected in those same two arenas to other famous people and has a career himself in those fields. His father, Richard DeVos Sr. is the current owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and Dick himself even served as CEO of the franchise for a short period. His wife, Betsy is a renowned education reform activist in the state of Michigan, and has been selected to be the new Secretary of Education by President-elect Donald Trump. And Dick and his family have had close ties to the Ford family, most notably former President Gerald R. Ford.


Dick DeVos’s has spent many years as an investment advisor and business strategist at The Windquest Group, the company that he and Betsy co-founded. But he started at a young age working for his family’s company, Amway Corporation. His father helped build that company with Jay Van Andel, and Dick and his brothers all grew up learning how the company operated. Amway is a multilevel marketing company that sells products directly to its customers, and then allows them to make profits reselling the products. Dick started out at Amway as a manager of various functions, but soon became an executive. He later grew the company’s operations into more than 50 new countries when he became CEO, a position he held from 1993 to 2002.


Dick and Betsy are probably most known for their activism and philanthropy. They started out as primarily education reformers who wanted to help low income families afford private schools for their children. The DeVos’s started scholarship programs including Children First America and the Education Freedom Fund to help in this endeavor, but later decided they needed to help expand private schools and charter schools when their efforts to create tax credit voucher programs failed. They soon helped fund more private schools, and even started a charter school of their own, the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick also ran for governor in the 2006 race, losing a heated contest to incumbent Jennifer Granholm. But he did successfully lead the effort to adopt right-to-work legislation in 2012. He was also a part of Grand Action Committee which helped renovate and bring in business to downtown Grand Rapids. He and Betsy have also given to local children’s hospitals and the Spectrum Health Foundation gave Dick the Art of Giving award in 2010.


One of the leading companies in the facilities management and logistics services is IAP Worldwide. It is a corporation based in Canada and the United States that provides several support and infrastructural services to multiple government institutions across the world. In many cases, IAP Worldwide Services helps the government and military to establish its operations in any part of the world.

In a bid to help government departments, IAP has conducted several tasks that have proved to be very helpful. IAP Worldwide first designed and developed roads that made it easier for vehicles to assist in transportation of items. The company further provided construction of buildings which allow the government to run its operations efficiently. Through the help of IAP Worldwide, the government receives the best communication and management technology.

IAP clinches the Navy Contract

The firm’s nature of growth and exemplary performance has seen it gain trust in governmental organizations. IAP Worldwide Services recently secured a deal worth $900 million for Naval Facilities within the Pacific. The Department of Defense awarded the contract. However, this is not the first contract. IAP has served several contingency-based contracts with the United States Air Force from the year 1996. The Naval contract was nothing but an appreciation of the firm’s diligent services in national security.

The Navy contract is set to last for eight years. IAP will be charged with the responsibility of providing infrastructural support maintenance and operations. The contract will further cover support services in case of natural disasters. IAP Worldwide has committed itself to provide humanitarian efforts and military actions within different naval facilities throughout the world.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

IAP’s role in Hurricane Mathew

IAP Worldwide Services provided help and emergency support and power to Hurricane Mathew. The company deployed teams to support the East Cost Base. IAP has continually offered support to various states within critical areas when bracing themselves for the worst. In the past years, IAP has responded to multiple hurricanes such as Sandy, Katia, and Katrina. The company has availed its services to assist in provision of expert personnel, emergency power, commodities and communication systems. During a severe hurricane spell in 2011, IAP availed several power experts in New Jersey, Maryland, New York and Massachusetts.

IAP Worldwide Services offers several employment opportunities today. There are various positions such as a finance analyst, air traffic controller and technical experts. With these positions, an individual can oversee and manage several financial operations within the company.

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Before 2011, if you had made a list of markets known for innovative products and ideas, ‘lip care’ wouldn’t have made an appearance. For more than 100 years, almost nothing had changed. Lip balm was something that came in little tubes, likely with ‘Chapstick’ or ‘Blistex’ on the labels. These brands dominated so much of the market that their names had almost become synonymous with lip balm itself.

Most companies saw lip care as a dead market and focused on attracting customers by cutting production costs to produce cheaper and cheaper products. Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky, the co-founders of Evolution of Smooth (EOS for short) saw a market ripe for something radically different. In a recent interview with Fast Company, they explained exactly how they set out to create it.

The now-familiar spherical EOS lip balms started with in-depth research. EOS lip balm quickly realized that women used the product as part of their beauty routines, and the company made the critical decision to create a lip balm that catered to this need. From the color and texture of the container to the flavors of the balm itself, the entire experience of using EOS lip balms was designed to be fun and engaging, something that appealed to the company’s Target market of choice: millennial women.

This targeted marketing also influenced the way EOS advertised its products. In addition to traditional print and television ads, EOS developed an impressive social media presence, reaching out to social influencers like beauty bloggers and celebrities to create an online buzz about the new eBay sold lip balm.

The strategy has paid off. Today, EOS is a $250 million dollar company, outselling every other lip balm producer with the exception of Burt’s Bees. With the lip care market expected to continue to grow, EOS now seems poised to dominate a market that only seven years ago had never even heard of it.

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One of the best things you can personally do for yourself is to try and stay as healthy as possible. Unfortunately we live in a society that’s full of hopes and promises, but not enough solutions. The very products that people consume on a daily basis plays a huge role in our health. Even if you eat fairly healthy, many of the fruits and veggies have been dusted with chemicals from their inception. Have you ever heard of natural cleanses? Would you be interested in trying a cleanse? If so then this article can fill you in on some of the best herbal/vegan cleanses available. is one of the best online sites to help you reach your best positive health. The company has been around since 2003 and it hosts numerous natural alternatives. One of the best ways for staying healthy is by cleansing. Cleansing flushes out the toxins that have been built up from the foods you eat. Many illnesses manifest from toxins that sit within the body. Vegan Herbal Cleanse is a great way to get your health back on track. Some of the benefits include:


  • Stronger Immune System
  • Clearer Skin Complexion
  • Weightloss
  • Better Circulation
  • Increased Libido
  • Regular Bowel Movements


In a sense, the vegan herbal cleanse brings you back to life by giving you a positive balanced pH level. Facebook page has many followers and has an inspirational vibe about it. There are even numerous photos and testimonies that document people’s success.

Dherbs is the future of vegan intervention through it’s revolutionary herbal supplements and cleanses.   Check out the official Tumblr account of to learn more about products, and what they have available.

What you probably don’t know about Vitamin B12- Markus Rothkranz

Many people are told they’re low in vitamin B12 within their bodies. This information comes from a society that is fear based. Serum B12 levels do not reflect true B12 levels since most vitamin B12 is stored in the liver and is not shown in the blood. It’s the same with a thyroid test. When you’re nervous taking the blood test, you’re nervous, so your thyroid levels rise and then go back down when you’re not nervous. Vitamin B12 is pretty much bacteria poop. Everything now is so washed and sterilized, and we eat so much processed dead foods, that there’s no B12 left in them. Half of meat eaters even don’t have enough B12 in their bodies, although meat eaters tend to have more B12 than vegetarians. When meat is killed, it starts rotting. The bacteria in your gut also makes its own B12 in your body, which stays in your body for years.

If your B12 levels are low, the questions should be, what should I stop doing that’s causing this problem in the first place. The first place to look is your stomach. If stomach acid is too low, it cannot absorb the B12. Even raw foodists tend to eat too much sugar which harms the body and stomach acid levels. You need strong stomach acid for the body to work right and for B12 to absorb. You need to cut out sugar, bread, and carbs and start eating more bitter things such as apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. Sea salt, zinc, bitter greens like arugula also help increase stomach acid levels and B12 absorption. Another thing that lowers stomach acid is adrenal gland burnout from stress, coffee and energy drinks. Strengthen the adrenal grand with herbs like licorice root, astragulus, and nettle leaf. Simply taking a pill isn’t going to make you better if you don’t stop what’s causing the problem in the first place. Get rid of the cause so you get on the right road to good health. Send this video to your friends and start helping to change the world.

Sugar & Refined Carbs Almost Killed Me, but I was Thin and No Diabetes

Controversy surrounds the topic of eating carbohydrates and this is very unfortunate. A little research into what carbs do and which ones are bad for you would eliminate a lot of the controversies. Performing some research also reveals why refined sugars and carbs are best avoided. In a passionate YouTube video, Markus Rothkranz talks about how sugar and refined carbs almost caused him major health disasters. Rothkranz is quick to point out sugar has its defenders – mainly because sugar is wildly addictive and people have a hard time giving it up.

He reveals he ate a lot of refined sugars in his life and never was obese. So he assumed he wasn’t going to deal with a lot of problems. In retrospect, he learned that his absolute lack of animal products in his diet kept him thin. Rothkranz ate an enormous amount of carbohydrates. A lot of those carbs were of the terrible variety. Since animal fat wasn’t helping his body absorb the sugar and turn it into stored fat, he looked okay.

Rothkrantz did note he ended up with cysts on his body due to his diet intake. Other illnesses including ones associated with the lungs were constantly plaguing him.

Rothkrantz found that sugar problems take many forms. Obesity is only one problem. The excess sugar he ingested — combined with dairy and yeast — ended up causing a number of avoidable health issues for him that he could have otherwise avoided.

The low carb diet fad has a tendency to appear, disappear, and reappear again and again. Low carb diets work, but they become absorbed into mass market fads leading them to disappear once the fad runs its course. The main drawback with these types of diets is not that they lead to weight loss, but they lead people to assume weight loss is the only benefit to a diet. So, a thin person who eats lots of carbs — and little fat — may think he/she has nothing to worry about. After all, weight loss is the main goal and not healthy living. Such an assessment is woefully wrong and leads to the improper overconsumption of refined sugar.

The Power of Intermittent Fasting

The missing link to weight loss is intermittent fasting. This could change your life and there is no money involved, just don’t eat for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours, so there is no worrying to starving your body. This one change in life can be a massive difference. A radical difference for those who are trying to lose weight because of any excess weight on their body, increases HGH levels or human growth hormones, testosterone production, burns fat, will increase the mind’s clarity and improve sleep quality and dreams. Intermittent fasting will also help with decreasing food cravings, improve insulin levels and can help reverse type II diabetes. Also, fasting will help blood pressure, cholesterol, pancreatic function, and mitochondrial function.

Breakfast is defined breaking fast after sleep. Sleep should mean empty stomachs. After waking up remember, you should not be eating until noon; not even juice; focus on water, tea, or coffee. Energy is normally from food and lasts between four or five hours, then the body will use glycogen, and then fat. During the four to five hours, if the body is exercising, the body will focus on that four or five hours. Fat will never get burned unless there is nothing else. Depending on what your energy is being used for, depends on how glycogen is actually being used; either through sitting at a desk all day or exercising for a few hours at the gym. Fat is the most efficient use of energy. If you want to actually look good in the morning, exercise in the morning on an empty stomach. During a Cornell study, a 24-hour fast showed that the body burned fat and not protein. People have noticed if they have had one day in the week where they fasted, at the beginning of the next Monday energy levels doubled. Markus Rothkranz advice is to fast for 16 hours and to eat for 8 hours; Noon to 8pm or 11:00am to 7pm. Muscles will not be lost and the feelings of being tired won’t happen, instead, clarity happens.

Standing vs Sitting: Sitting is the New Smoking

As you can see in the video, you’ll find that sitting really is the new smoking. Sitting all day long every day, sometimes for up to fifteen hours, is what makes us sick, and it ruins our chances of having a healthy life expectancy.

In case you didn’t know, in third world countries people don’t sit all day long. And in Westernized countries, like Germany and the U.S., people are starting to get the hint and to specialize in standing while working, or to take time away from their desks and walk around or do squats. You can do these things, too.

You’ll appreciate that if you step away from your desk for about five minutes every thirty, to do squats or simply to jog around the block, you’ll feel better, and a lot of things will improve with your physical health, too. You’ll love that your stomach will get smaller, and your circulation will definitely improve.

As you can see from this video, sitting isn’t natural for humans, and we tend to sit a lot more than other people in the West. If you think about it, one natural remedy is a standing desk. You can also do as Markus has done and put a treadmill or a bicycle in front of your desk so you can exercise while you work.

If you’re still not convinced, look at some of the articles about what sitting can do to your body. And be sure that you’re prepared to defend this after that. Otherwise, think about getting out more, and definitely take a break to stand up every now and then.

EOS lip balm brand got it’s start in the beauty market, although recently with the expansion in the brand has been able to provide lotions and shave creams with more products expected on the horizon. In an interview by Fast Company, founders Craig Dubinsky, Jonathan Teller, and Sanjiv Mehra all had collective experience in product packaging and startup companies. Their ability to join forces, put their heads together and find a niche they felt was lacking turned into an incredible success.

The chap stick aisle; unassuming, but the perfect place to shake up the market for this ingenious trio. As an all male team, they they had the insight to know that the female opinion would be invaluable. They took the time to ask women what they really wanted out of a lip balm product, and the women answered. Something easy to use, that didn’t leave their fingers sticky. A product preferably using organic and natural ingredients. Something that smelled good, and tasted yummy.

EOS answered and delivered that balm outfitted in just the right way. The response was overwhelmingly positive and the smart entrepreneurs invested in custom machinery that could make their balms to keep up with demand rather than to pay for marketing that they didn’t really need. As the products gained popularity, they incorporated marketing that reflected the fun and modern nature of the Racked sold brand. Popular pop culture stars like Miley Cyrus featured the balms in edgy music videos sweeping the nation. Pop country music star Taylor Swift even took the product overseas to Asia expanding the product to that market in a way that consumers would respond.

This smart endeavor has grown this product exponentially and consumers can expect to see more coming from this expanding company in farther reaches of the glove and new and different exciting products.

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Consumers are interested in smart lighting solutions such as the Gooee smart lighting solution. The article that follows provides reasons why a consumer is very wise in considering a smart lighting solution for his or her home.


Some Persons Ask: Why Should I Purchase a Smart Lighting Solution Such as the Gooee Lighting Solution?


There are several significant reasons why a consumer is very smart in making purchase of the Gooee Smart Lighting solution. The best reason is that the smart lighting solution, offered by Gooee, saves the consumer money on his or her utility bill. The smart lighting solution is manufactured so that it is very efficient as to energy. It also allows the individual to indicate which light he or she wishes to turn on.


The smart lighting solution simplifies the consumer’s life. When a person is making plans to travel, there is no need to manually alter the settings of each of his or her lights. He or she can leave home; not worrying whether or not a light has been left on. The lights can be checked from a very far distance—by making use of a mobile device.


Smart Lighting is an Intelligent Cost Effective Way to Bring the Future into Focus Today:


Persons who make use of the Gooee Lighting System are considered fitting in with the current smart lighting trend. When a person, makes use of the Gooee smart lighting system, he or she is afforded with all sorts of options. One option is to use it in conjunction with particular web-apps—in the creation of various special effects.


There are so many possibilities when smart lighting is employed—that such possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the user. And once the consumer becomes totally familiar with the Gooee smart lighting system technology, he or she is going to wonder how it was possible to get along without it.

Very few people realize that this is the age of the entrepreneur. With all of the changes that occurred in the economy and are continuing to occur, this is one of the better times for people to figure out what they want and learn how to pursue it.

While there are a diversity of jobs, it is very likely that one is not going to be able to find a job that he is that into. This is why it is important for him to develop the skills that are necessary for starting a business venture that is very successful.

One of the ways that one could take advantage of the age of the entrepreneur is by looking up advice on how to push forward with one’s own business. Among the things that one could do is read some of the books and works released by Marc Sparks.

He is someone who is not just an entrepreneur, he is a serial entrepreneur. He has a lot of experience that gives him the ability to tell people what works and what does not work. Therefore, he is someone that is very reliable when it comes to information about the business world.

While Marc is willing to share secrets about successful businesses, he is also willing to talk about the different kinds of tactics that don’t work. For one thing, he wants people to be able to avoid the traps that people typically fall into.

One of the reasons that he is willing to help the entrepreneur is that the entrepreneur is more likely to have a vision that is going to bring about a great change to the world. People could read the books presented by Marc Sparks in order to get a better idea on what to expect from the world they are stepping into.