The internet is extremely widely used for many things, including locating the services of local and non-local businesses. People also tend to take the information they find online quite seriously. If you are a business owner, you must take control of this information as well as you can. In order to do that, you need to keep a very close watch on what people are saying about your business. Unfortunately, people tend to take bad information much more seriously than positive information. This means it does not take very much bad information about your business to have a negative effect on you. In fact, even a single source saying negative things about your business can be extremely detrimental to your success. Several bad reviews can truly ruin your online reputation, and this can result in the success of your business being seriously damaged. In some cases, a few bad reviews could result in such a damaged online reputation that your business could go under. In fact, merely four sources of negative information can cause your business to be reduced by 70%.

There are different ways that bad information can be published online. There are some cases where you have the information removed. However, in a lot of cases you cannot remove the information. Fortunately, there is another tool that business owners have at their disposal. Business owners can have the negative information suppressed amongst other search results. However, this is very difficult to do yourself, unless you are exceptionally skilled with search engine reputation management.

Luckily, there are professionals that are experts in search engine reputation management. These professionals can help to make sure that you maintain a good reputation on the internet. However, you need to use discretion in the professionals that you hire for online reputation management. There are many people out there that offer search engine reputation management that simply do not offer effective services.

Bury Bad Articles is a great resource for those looking to manage their online reputation. Bury Bad Articles has worked with a large number of successful businesses, and they have a proven track record. They also provide their services in a very timely fashion, and they offer very competitive prices. In order to use their services, all you need to do is fill out the contact form on Bury Bad Articles’ website.

Camille Styles, an event planner and blog editor in New York City, has constructed a must do list for anyone hosting a party or get together. She has included a party check list to guide hosts so that everything runs smoothly. Some of her helpful tips include being organized. Keeping a master list, as well as other smaller lists, tends to make the task of hosting an event less stressful. Lists also help details get done and you are less likely to forget something if it is on a list. Another tip for creating the perfect get together is planning a theme. This sets the tone for the guest and activities.

Making sure you send out invitations for your party. Whether these are online invitations or written invitations, they help build anticipation and they also serve as a reminder. You can incorporate a self serve bar at your party. Party goers love to create and serve each other. Another good idea is creating a specialty drink. This will make a lasting impression on your guest. Camille reminds us that the rule of thumb is one alcoholic drink per guest.

Not only offering beverages is a must, but appetizers are always a welcome treat. Make these simple and easy to prepare. Remember to keep it simply and light. Hors d’doeuvers are less formal and allow your guest to mingle and talk. If any guest bring young children, remember to designate a kids table. Encourage the children to sit at this table and enjoy age appropriate activities like coloring and playing. Any good event planning company in NYC includes this area.

Remember to keep things simple. Then you can relax and enjoy your own party. When the celebration is over, remember to give small tokens for your guests to remember the event by. Nothing expensive. Just a small gift that will be the perfect reminder of a wonderful time.

Camille Styles is an event planner in NYC. She suggest Twenty Three Layers as an event planner in the NYC area. Twenty Three Layers is one of the event planners in NYC that can offer these suggestions and more. They are one of the best event planning companies in New York City. They offer the most comprehensive planning for large and small events. They are a professional event planning group with great reviews.

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Your lips are important, and making the wrong choice could compromise your natural beauty. There are a number of things you should consider before buying lip balm. Following will be tips which help you inform your decision.
Firstly, you want to be sure that whichever lip balms you choose have many flavors making up their available offerings. One flavor gets boring, and even worse: you may not like it. Check out on Walmart to see that there are multiple flavors available.

The next thing you want to consider is whether there is more than one type of cosmetic application for the lip balms you’re purchasing. Sometimes a company will produce a balm that works one way and one way only. The better companies will have options which pertain to sensuality, comfort, and protection.

After that you’re looking at clues pertaining to health. Two main things to watch out for are parabens and petrolatum. These chemicals are often used in underfunded cosmetic lines, and have developed negative health conditions in users.

Evolution of Smooth, EOS, has designed a new line of balms which cover all these considerations. They come in a variety of flavors and have three distinct families. There’s the Active Protection family, which is designed to help those in harsh environments, or who may have drier skin; there’s the Shimmer Smooth family, a sensuous lip balm solution that keeps an appearance of moisture about the mouth without requiring wetness, and Visibly Soft, which does exactly what it portends to. There are multipacks and “stick” options available through EOS; though the most popular application method comes from spherical balm today.

Lastly, EOS uses ingredients that are natural and healthy. Three of its most beneficial ingredients are shea butter, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. Between healthy applicability, variety of choice, and deliciousness, it’s easy to see why EOS has a line of lip balms that is growing increasingly popular. Visit the website:



Modern technology requires people with a great deal of insight and the ability to spot emerging trends. Anyone who is contemplating going into this field must be fully prepared to take chances of all kinds. One of the best ways for someone trained in technology to do well in this field is to work with an expert in the field who is just as enthralled about the technological world as they are. Such a person is Mike Baur. Baur is someone who loves the world of the technology and wants to help others learn how best to harness it to their advantage.


The Swiss Start Up Factory


It is with this particular goal in mind as well as several others that Mike Baur has started an entirely new venture. He has thought long and hard about how he can help provide any potential person who wants to start a technological venture get the kind of mentoring they need in order to see the venture they have in mind get off the ground. He knows that such skilled mentoring allows anyone who is interested in technology and business to learn what they need to know about the field they plan to enter.


An Important Accelerator


The Start Up Factory is all about offering an acceleration process that can begin the important process of really starting a business the person has in mind. Such early help is one that is likely to help any business professional move on past any potential initial difficulties they might have and past such difficulties into a company that will be around for many years after the start up period. With such help, he is able to show how the early and often hard difficulties they can face are often fleeting and entirely temporary in nature.


Being A Mentor


Mentoring is a process that he knows is highly important. Mike Baur understands that such a process allows any potential company owner to work out the kinks with their ideas before the business has even begun. This means that the person need not worry about any early mistakes they make. Instead, they can turn to him for help as they figure out how best to do exactly what it is they want. He is right there at their side at all times, offering the help they need in their early intended business career exactly when they need it.


Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime Makeup, has made a name for herself for her unapologetic way of expressing beauty. Deere founded Lime Crime to encourage her customers, which she calls her “unicorns,” to be brave with their makeup and not hold back or stick to standard colors. Born in Russia, Deere grew up in New York City before launching Lime Crime in 2008. Beginning simply with lipstick of bold colors, Lime Crime grew into a much bigger enterprise. Learn more about Lime Crime:

Deere has made it clean that all of her products are 100% cruelty-free, and always have been. Now, they are all vegan as well. Deere currently oversees all of the product development of Lime Crime, influencing the beauty community to follow their dreams and be their true selves. Deere was recently interviewed on how she does this.

Doe Deere is easily spotted, as her bright hair colors and bright makeup never blend in with the crowd. She is known to others as the “Queen of Unicorns” for sharing her rainbow passion through her very successful line of cosmetics brand. Her unconventional success story proves to be inspiring to other people who are nervous about following their dreams. However, Deere makes it clear that people from all over are able to make their dreams come true if they are true to themselves.

Deere states that she has always been ambitious, from her childhood in Russia through her days in New York and onto Los Angeles. While she doesn’t think she dreamed too big as a child, her dreams grew with age. Deere’s start as a musician helped her form her entrepreneurial mind and added that drive to her career.

Deere met her husband while pursuing her music career around Manhattan and Brooklyn between 2008 and 2012. Now, Deere spends her free time trying to encourage other women to be as confident as she is. She urges girls to follow their hearts, because every person has a unique quality to them. Tapping into that specialty often results in the highest potential of success.

Deere urges people to go where they love and to be in touch with themselves, even if they feel different from the norm. This is essentially the base of her brand Lime Crime, as it is a little different from the norm and stands out, but is unapologetic. Before being able to find colors that stood out, Doe Deere felt stuck wearing beige and boring make up. This is why she chose to pursue her dream. She uses her makeup as a form of self expressions and hopes others will do the same.

This is exactly the same philosophy that the company The Midas Legacy tries to instill in it’s clients and it’s investors.

So many people think that making an investment is only about the cold, hard cash, In reality, it’s not. Investing your money into stocks, an IRA or a mutual fund is like investing in a person.

First of all, you have to consider if the investment is strong enough to withstand any sort of issues that might come up. Your investments need to withstand the wind and rain and be there during both good and bad. This is parallel to what it takes for a really good relationship.

Secondly, an investment is a lot like the people you meet in your life. Some of them will be good. Some of them will be bad. The idea is to align yourself with people who are good to keep in your company on Now, sometimes you might have to make allowances. Sometimes you can’t control who is in your life. If your sister has a partner, well that person is going to be in your life. They will be there for good and bad.

The idea is to look passed all of this and find the good in the relationship. Now, this is a lot like having investments. Some investments you choose for your self. Others end up being attached to something you have already. They might be good or bad. You just have to make the most of it.

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All of this is to say that these two components are pretty similar to one another. Midas Legacy understands this. When you invest in The Midas Legacy, you are investing in more than just a good retirement.

You are investing in people who will help you grow your investments. You are investing in a company who will be with you through the good and bad. You might not agree with everything the company does; however, the takeaway is that they are family.

The Midas Legacy not only allows you to pick your investment path. they will also guide you in every move you make. Just like any family out there, Midas has every kind of personality in their firm. The idea is to look passed the bad and focus on the end goal. You might not agree with everything Uncle Raymond says during the family dinners, but, he may just have the winning financial tip to get you where you need to go.

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Norka Luque was lucky enough to come from a family that was supportive of her career choice. This made her realize that her destiny was music. The Venezuelan native has had a meteoric rise in the music industry. Her love for music begun at a young age. She was a participant in several singing competitions in her native country.

The Latino songstress exudes an aura of positivity whenever she is on stage. She writes lines that encourage us to pursue whatever dreams that we have. Her story in itself, is full of motivation and inspiration. Norka Luque lives in a world of her own, where impossibilities are nonexistent. Since she embarked on her fledging music career, her goal has been to spread hope via her lyrics. The unconditional support that she received from her parents as a young girl made her realize that no child should be discouraged from pursuing his or her dreams.

The Conversion of a Rough Stone into a Priceless Diamond

Norka Luque went to France after completing her high school education. Here, she pursued a degree in business administration. This forced her to put her music career on hold so that she could concentrate on her classes. She however had an opportunity to be a backup singer in a band. Meeting prominent music producer, Emilio Estefan Jr. was however the turning point of her life. It opened doors for her to become a professional singer. Since then, she has never looked back.

Emilio and Norka Luque have for four years now, formed a strong working relationship. The singer concedes that meeting him has been a miracle since he has helped mold her career. Besides this, he played an important role in helping her overcome a personal crisis that faced her at some point. The producer assembled renowned producers and composers to create her new song, Milagro, which is currently ruling airwaves in Latin America. It has become a runaway hit in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the US. The song features Caribbean, reggae and Mediterranean sounds.

Norka asserts that musicians should be agents of social change. They have a collective responsibility to ensure that they constantly pass a positive message to fans. This is because music has the power of leaving a positive impression on listeners. In as much as new genres and rhythms are invented every day, the message of positivity needs to stand the test of time. She adds that music should be used as an avenue of transmitting love.


Considered a leader in providing global-scale logistics, IAP (Ingenuity and Purpose) serves thousands of soldiers in more than twenty five countries around the world. The company prides itself on solving customers’ most demanding challenges. Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information and IAP Worldwide Services | LinkedIn

For more than half a century they have built a reputation on being a a responsive and reliable market leader. IAP strives to exceed customers expectations. IAP uses their passion, adopts their customers’ missions and channels their conviction in order to meet the needs of their customers.

Corporate responsibility is essential at IAP Worldwide Services. They define success by constantly evaluating how they treat customers along with everyone else. They have a strong commitment to vetrans, the environment and the community. They show gratitude to the many people and communities that make up their story.

What makes IAP Worldwide Services different is they take your ultimate goals and make them their own. They simply will not stop until they get results that meet your needs. They rely on four competencies as the cornerstones of our approach. These are Focus, Agility, Capabilities and Commitment.

Furthermore they have a charter that list certain actions that they are committed to doing. These include things like: Practicing intellectual curiosity and rigor, acting nicely, responsibly and swiftly, Pursuing growth and learning and allowing themselves and others to be happy and successful.

In 2014, IAP Worldwide Services completed restructuring under new leadership and a board of directors. Today they have nearly 2,000 employees and conduct business in over one hundred locations in more than 20 countries. Amazingly they support nearly 200,000 personnel at dozens of military installations across the United States and the Middle East.

IAP’s expertise in science and technology allow them to help customers focus on their missions such as improving the environment and healthcare. IAP is focused during times of disaster. They respond quickly to provide emergency power and life-sustaining supplies and services. Their humanitarian efforts improve the lives of numerous people all across the world.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

IAP continues to impact huge amounts of people across the globe. Their focus on customers and meeting their needs makes them a special company that is sought out by many. They should continue to make an impact as a result.

From an article written by Bustle, the folks over at WEN by Chaz Dean released a wonderful conditioner that is hyped to be practically magic in a bottle for those who really pride in the quality and softness of their hair. You’ve likely seen the bottles around on Sephora and wondered how well they work, perhaps not trusting an all in one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment. Well we might just change your mind by the time your finished reading.

From the first use, it seems as if I had more hair on top of my head. There seemed to be less strands falling out as well, in fact, nothing was coming out at all! Day one seemed to be going well, my hair seemed bouncy and fresh, but one day isn’t enough to prove anything to me so lets see how it holds up.

After a few days I noticed that my hair seemed to be flat by the end of the day, but it stayed shiny and bouncy for longer and longer every day I used it! By the time it time to go out with my friends on day six, I could really tell that things were starting to go my way. Going out late with friends for drinks, they commented on how shiny my hair was after an entire day of running around. This is where my opinion started to sway.

All in all this is a great product, as long as I get up on time to use Wen, my hair stays very shiny through out the day, and even after the week long test, I still end up using this conditioner pretty often. Wen is available on Amazon.

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It is amazing what you can accomplish when you set your mind to something and give it one hundred and ten percent. This might sound like a cliche or something you have heard before, but it is true. The living proof of this is Adam Goldenberg, as he is co-CEO with his business partner Don Ressler of JustFab. What is great about Adam is his humility and his approach to his work. He is the first to admit that he is probably the not the type of person you would expect to start a fashion company. However, sometimes it is the people you least expect to do something that do wonderful things.

Along with Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg, they are looking to change the way that business is done online in the fashion world. They are all about the customer and going above and beyond the call of duty to make them happy and make sure they are satisfied and have all that they need. JustFab is growing by the day, because Adam Goldenberg has real-world experienced. It has been well documented that he dropped out of high school to start a business. While this approach isn’t for everyone, of course, it has worked wonders for Adam. He is the kind of person that is interested in what is happening outside of the classroom as opposed to what is happening inside of it.

It has also been well-documented that he started his own business at the age of 15. When you have the skills and talents that he does, why wait to get started? Adam Goldenberg knows it is best to get started now rather than later. That is how he has approached JustFab. They want this to be about more than just fashion. As they say, it is about building a connection through fashion and having confidence with the purchases that you make According to Adam Goldenberg.

What you wear says a lot about yourself and what you want to present to the world. It can get you that job or give you the confidence to talk to that person you like. The sky is the limit when you have the right wardrobe picked out the night before. You wake up, ready to start the day, and tackle it with the utmost confidence. Clothes really do make the person, and they are presenting your brand. Brand is a word that is used a lot and it is because your brand is your true self. See: